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2007-04-04 20:48:29
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This is my [fan club]! I know you want to join! tee hee.... If you would like, you can send me a pic of you... holding a sign saying you love me! This would be helpful so that i can make banners. Or you can make one for me, lol. Just add your name to the list (that that is very short so far lol)!!

0. Eff being number one man! I am sooo cool I am ZERO! woot woot! I loved this freakin awesome girl before any of you people decided it was the cool thing to do so =P meehhhhh to you! mwahah! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 [woopsies]

1. BOOYA!!! [squall_kitty] has popped your WIKI cherry!
2. *pokes*  [] I'm here to set your world on fire.
3. Hiiii!!!!![Peace_Turtles]
4. WEEEEE! [Rarely available]
5. *Beep* [PhantomOfLiberty]Pieni veitsi...
6. OMG! [Mr. Sunshine] I wuv you! ^_^
7. Hey sissy [Kiss Me I'm Emo] i love you so much
8.i dont really know you but im joining anyways[disco biscuit]
10.[metalmeister]so now what? do i hold up a lighter or something? [Floydian Slip]
12. [MrMcDaniel]
14. [hy a scullyas lyf a dhagrow]
15.[Crazy_Emo Guy]
16. [Renegade of Funk]
17. [black_sunshine]
18.[Death To Sound.] i call her sis
20.[gir the master] im the only reason the coocky crumbles( i diped it in milk)

Here are some pictures!! Feel free to add your "I <3 Heavenly Demonic" pix here!

<img:> made by [Mr. Sunshine]
I love you too Nick!!!!!

Hehe, yeah I really like this one! She's the greatest .... (and still number 0 mwahaahahahah...)

Joshie!! aka [reese_apoc]...hehe.. he was the first.... and yeah he's the coolest guy EVER!!! oh yeah, lol

[], Dan, he was the second... this guy is the shit!! I lov him to death

Made by [squall_kitty]. Haha, I love you too Squall! XP You're the best!!!

Haha this one is pretty creative and I LOVE it. Made by [Renegade of Funk]. It's perty!!! I <3 it!!!


"This is Why You're My Hero

You're kind to everyone and you are nice to people you don't know.
You're one of the few people who haven't called me gay. It's pretty
sad, my dad even called me gay.... well anyways. You're smart at like
almost everything. You don't let what other people say bother you.
Which is a very good trait to have. Most people care way too much about
what others say. Just because they heard a rumor. It doesn't matter
what they think. They don't run your life, you do. Next year you won't
even have to see them anymore unless you want to. This is why I envy
but also idolize you. Please when you leave this terrible place
"society" calls school, don't forget to keep in touch with the
unfortunate people still here. You somehow made it through this hell
hole, now it's our turn. We can only dream for now. I will never forget
you Tena!!

I'll never forget, you're my Super hero girl.

 Sincerely Seth Weesner"

This was written to me by Seth, a freshman at my school. He told me yesterday that I was his hero and I thought he was kidding so i told him to write me a 150 word essay telling me why I'm his hero...... and he did.... only 174 words lol.

And this one was written by [Rarely available] aka one of the sweetest people I have ever wrote. He wrote me a 315 word essay on why he likes me! It was pretty sweet!! And it made me really happy!!!1!!one!!1!!

Why I like Teandra
By Tor

I like Tena for countless reasons, one of the highest ranking among them is that she cares about people. If I ever have a problem of any kind, I can turn to her knowing full well that she will answer my question to the best of her abilities, which are pretty far reaching as far as I'm concerned. Whether my advice is on girls, dealing with stress, or jus plain life, I know she'll be there for me if I need her. I only wish that I could be as helpful to her as she is to me. While I may try to help her, I can only do so much, and it doesn't even come close to comparing to how much she helps me. Regardless, I wouldn't trade meeting her for the world. I have never met a girl who I can ask more personal questions to in my life, all 16 years of it. While she may not give the advice of a wise man on top of a mountain...well...why would I want that kind of advice anyway? I'd question the advice of some guy that sits on top of a mountain all day long on the off chance that someone will climb the mountain eventually. Tena is so much more down to earth, and shows more compassion than any psychologist or guidance councilor or anything like that. I don't want some fancy piece of paper saying "I'm certified to help you, but only if you'll pay me." I want someone who tells me that if I ever have a question I can turn to them and they'll drop what ever it is they're doing and help me, and that's exactly what I find in Tena, for this I am eternally grateful. I hope that someday, I will be able to repay her for all the kindness and patience she has shown me. 

hehe sweet!                            

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