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2004-09-17 21:12:36
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May 27, 2004 ~ Got some sad news, all. It is a bit of a personal note but I feel you should all know why I might be absent from HR for a bit. A death of a personal friend occured last night. My dog actually. I know it sounds stupid, but I had that dog for 13 years and so I'm a bit blue. Please be nice to the staff members while they run HR while I'm absent. Thanks all.
-[Morgan le Fay]

May 20, 2004 ~ Doesn't everyone just LOVE the new graphics?! [HiddenFire] created some wonderful new rose graphics as well as another one that I am going to put up on the members page when I have more time. I'm going to be gone over the weekend so no updates then, but I'll be back by Monday. Please don't cause complete chaos while I'm gone, unless of course, it is hopelessly romantic chaos. ^_^ 

Three cheers for [HiddenFire]!

-Morgan (as always...)

May 17, 2004 ~ New section!
Hopeless Romantics: Classifieds is a new place for those looking to help out /seeing staff positions in HR. Please check it out! The contests are still in need of contestants.

May 12, 2004 ~ Okay. I am here! Updates! I advise EVERYONE to check out the Hopeless Romantics: Contests section. I just put up two super cool contests (one is art-related, the other writing-related.) I also suggest for everyone to really participate around here. I have an idea I am going to toss around the staff room and ask a few members about it as well, but you all have to be active! ^_^ Wow. We are almost at 300 members (299 as of right now) and we still haven't had a party for 100... Oh well. Great job everyone! That's all for now!
-[Morgan le Fay]

April 21, 2004 ~ Oooo! 250 members and growing constantly! With this many members I think we need a new section... If you have a suggestoin for a section, please go to Hopeless Romantics: Staff! My banner won the contest and will be in place of the two buttons on the top of the screen shortly. Can't right now though, am typing while waiting for school to start. ^_^ That's all for now!
- [Morgan le Fay]

March 16, 2004 ~ 200 members!!!!!!!!! ::starts throwing confetti:: Thanks to [Tyvaz] for being number 200! Wow... 200... Wow... Well, on other news, I am looking to start a new contest soon! Suggestions can go in the Hopeless Romantics: Contests section. Otherwise, nothing new. ^_^
-This is [Morgan le Fay] signing off.

March 15, 2004 ~ Added a new section! Hopeless Romantics: Newbies for all the new ones to say hello. This is a trial run for it so it is up to all of you to see if it stays or goes!
-[Morgan le Fay]

March 11, 2004 ~ I have not abandoned you! I promise. I'm sorry I haven't been very active lately. ^_^* I really am. I am concluding the Banner Contest (see more details there) and soon there will be a poll in me house for all of you 181 (w00t!) members to vote for your favorite. It should be up there by the end of the day, so keep watch for it! Also planning on doing some housekeeping changes. We are almost at 200 members!! Can you believe it?! I know I can't. Since we did not do a party for 100, we NEED a party for 200. Please go to the Hopeless Romantics: Staff to put in your suggestions. That's all for now!
-[Morgan le Fay]

February 14, 2004 ~ Happy Valentines day! Sorry about the lack of updates for a time... ^^* School decided it hated me. Congrats on the 120+ members! The advice section is up and running if any of you would like to go there and ask for advice. You can also head over to the chat area and talk to other hopeless romantics about your woes or Valentines day goodies! 
-This news message has been brought to you by... Chocolate! That yummy, sweet treat that makes you gain ten pounds over the weekend of the fourteenth and... Sforks! Because I like typing that word.
-[Morgan le Fay] signing out.

January 30, 2004 ~ Ok, the advice section is up! Right now, I am running it all by me lonesome. Again, if you are interested please message me. No more news for now.
-[Morgan le Fay]

January 29, 2004 ~ Hey again! I'm planning on opening a new section here on advice. I'd love to help you all but I unfortunately don't have enough of that thing called time to keep the advice page up. I'll answer some every once-in-a-while, but not all the time. Would anyone be interested in this? If no one is, I can find some time to run it because I think it would be a great addition to HR. If you are interested, drop me a message stating your username, age (optional), and tell me why you think you are qualified. Thankee!
-[Morgan le Fay]

January 28, 2004 ~ Hello all! We now have grown to 100 members!!! 100!! Special reconization to our 100th member, [polaroid of purity]! There should be a little party thing or something. If any of you have any ideas, go over to the Hopeless Romantics: Staff section and recommend something or you can message me! Oh, and Morgan got a live journal! w00t! That's kinda random, but oh well. If you want the address, message me. Ok, be happy! 100!
-[Morgan le Fay]

December 31, 2003 ~ Happy New years to all! 61 members!! Can we say a collective 'woot'! We made it past 50 and the next big checkpoint will be triple digits! Looking for new ideas on sections and fun stuff here so please, PLEASE, if you have any suggestions, go over to the Staff page and post 'em there. Congrats on the 50+ members everyone! You all are great!!
-[Morgan le Fay]

December 8, 2003 ~ I just added a new 'Staff' section. Also we now have one person in the banner contest. W00t. Go [ravenna]!
-[Morgan le Fay]

December 7, 2003 ~ May there be a mini celebration on HR! We now have 40 members! w00t! I have appointed a staff member to help me with HR and what-not. Please welcome [ravenna], the new assistant! she will get a 'title' soon and so yea. We all must have a big celebration when we hit 50! And, on an important note: It would be wonderful if some people might join the contests/make new ones, suggest new areas, or just contribute . It is wonderful that we have so many members, but so few are doing anything. Please keep this thing fun and active! ^_~
-[Morgan le Fay]

November 25, 2003 ~ I added the new section for sign up! Please go there to register on HR! I also added a contest page. Just thought it might be interesting. More updates to come!
-[Morgan le Fay]

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