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These are random quotes I have thought of. Some are influenced by by friends others I thought of while hanging out with my friends. Then there are also quotes I didn't make up but revised to be easily understood.
1) Strength is optional but knowledge is mandatory.(Me)
2) If love is blind then is cupid blind too? (Midsummer Nights Dream, well kinda)
3) I'm not cheating, just checking my answers with you before I write them down. (The show Drake & Josh)
4) Is the truth what is real or reality as you concieve it to be at that moment of time?(Me)
5)If love is a circle of giving and taking then doesn't that make it pointless?(Me)
6) If the life cycle is portrayed as a circle then what's point?(Me)
7) If I could rewind what just happened, I would play it in slow mo so I could laugh at you more.(Me)
8) When life hands you lemons. Squirt the lemon juice in someones eyes (Happy Bunny)
9) There are 10 types of people in the world, those who know binary code and that who don't. (That was on a shirt)
10) Come to the dark side, we have COOKIES!!! (Also on a shirt)
11) A man with eyes unopen only sees, the inside of his eyelids.(Me)
12) A man that walks on the beach of life barefoot listening to all the seashels will, have cuts on his feet from stepping on said seashells.(Me)
13) How to keep and idiot busy, look on back. Acually to save you time and energy I'll just tell you now that back is going to tell you to read this side again so please reread this side.(Me)
14) An Evil olive is still an evil olive no matter which way you look at it, although you might have to move the o.(Me)
15) The dark side has cookies and the light side has milk so I like to stay in between so I can be bribed by both sides and get both milk and cookies.(One of my friends)
16) It's not that I'm making fun of your type of people. I'm just making fun of you.(Me, I say this after I insult to someone and they yell at me because they think I made a statement about they're 'type' of people.)
17) Well, I was about to say impending doom but your idea sounds much better!(Me, this is what I say after someone says "Do you know what this means" but doesn't give you a chance to answer because they tell you anyway.)
18) Do you still want me to guess?(Me, used when someone says guess what but doesn't let me guess.)
19) The cockroaches have finally attained enough brain power to realize they can survive a nuclear explosion and have amassed an army to steal the worlds nuclear missles and are going to launch said missles to certain spots that when all the bombs hit they will whipe the human race off the earth and then they will grow into a larger and more intellegent spieces and will dominate the planet using their intellect and newly evolved limbs called 'the thumb'.(Me, this long winded quote was made from myself when I was about 6 and is used whenever people say, "guess what" and let me acually guess.)
20) You're not wierd, it's just that the people you're around are normal. (Me, I tell my friends that, a lot. I've been told that myself too but I respond by saying "you're wrong I'm wierd and I like it.")
21) I eat souls with chopsticks. (Me)
22) For the horde! (A popular phrase for warcraft and WoW people, I usually say this when I rush into a store or resturaunt.)
23) Grab you sword and fight the horde! (Also in WoW and in regular warcraft, I say this before I enter saud store or resturaunt. This also makes me seem slightly confused because first I say fight them then I say for them.)
24) Can you say that with less speed and less stupidity? Oh, sorry. (I get a lot of use out of these to sentences. Makes a good insult to baka people beause they usually don't get it either at all or at first. (Note this only works if both sentences are said one after the other.))
25) Spoon! Evil doers, eat my justice! (From one of the greatest shows of all time, The Tick. This is his battle cry and I have used it many times.)
25) One dead moose. (This is from a show called code monkies and I use this after the person I used the ticks battle cry on is defeated.
27) Music is the key to the soul, so let it flow through you, then you can do anything. (Me)
28) Don't beg for things! Do it yourself or you won't get anything! We've got legs so we'll get up and use them! (This is a combination of quotes from Eureka 7 and FMA. I watched both episodes with the quotes in them and I though they would sound good together. I think they do, personally.)
29) Humanity is a brief pulsation in the black hole of the universe. (The book Grendel, The dragon's most famous line)
30) Wavvorish (The book Grendel, one of Grendel's mother's only lines.)
31) Three things I learned to never talk to people about are polotics, religion, and The Great Pumpkin (Linus during the movie, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown)
32) You put the fun in disfunctional. (Not sure where it started but my friends used to say it all the time.)
33) No, I put banana in tophat (Me correcting my friends after number 32)
34) Apparently Baka mean "we're out of beer" (MegaTokyo, my second favorite web comic. Also I do know what baka means in japanese.)
35) You don't think Einstien like hacking guys feet off, but no one said anything because he was one of the greatest thinkers of our time. (Clerks, the flying car scene.)
36) Why do you get up in the morning? Bacon! (From a comic strip on digg)
37) To err is human to debug devine. (Being a program nerd I love this quote. No clue where it's from though.)
38) What does the scanner say; His power level is 1006... kick his ass Nappa; Yay.  Oh crap I had the scanner upside down... is over 9000. (From DBZ Abridged series.
39) I run into crap and you blow it up, I love mages! (From the Nerdy Show Dungeons and Doritos. Since I am usually a tank this quote connects with me.)

Note that these are subject to change do to how often I use them
I sure I'll come up with more. but until then goodbye.
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2007-04-29 [shiro tagachi]: wait what is the last one supposed to mean?

2007-04-29 [Hiuko]: Spell evil olive backwards and move the o then tell me what that spells.

2007-04-30 [shiro tagachi]: evil olive! Now i get it!

2007-04-30 [Hiuko]: See, told you so.

2007-07-05 [shiro tagachi]: you have some weird quotes

2007-07-06 [Hiuko]: Why thank you

2007-07-07 [shiro tagachi]: i dont know if i would have taken that as a compliment considering how weird i am already. If i think they are weird, everyone else must think they are really weird.

2007-07-08 [Hiuko]: Not neccisarily. Some people as weird as me may find these perfectly sound. Then again I've yet to find the person as weird as me.

2007-07-09 [shiro tagachi]: no one is as weird as you, i might come close but thats about it.

2007-07-12 [Hiuko]: Yes, bow down to my weirdness mortals. lol

2007-07-21 [shiro tagachi]: *bows*

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