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Halloween Poetry Competition - 2005, Page 3

Please see the rules on the main page:

Halloween Poetry Competition


This contest is closed! Thanks to all who entered!


Reminder: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

81. Lost Soul’s Last (Was I the unkind?)

The winter grows near
The winter of life
Came to my heart in the shadows
Of sorrow

I had good times
I had good friends
I was a king in the darkness
Of my mind

I was a man
I was a beast
A savage vein in the soul
And I’m angry now!

For it is All Hallows Eve
And this night is unending
It lives forever in me
Without being alive
So I’ll return to the ending
I’m beginning to see
That I’m not meant for peace
That this torment is mine
That if I’m to escape
It must be on this night
For it is All Hallows Eve

I may be wrong
I may be vile
But I am here in the cold
Of the night

Now that I’ve gone
Now that I’m back
I’ll find the truth in the falling
Of tear drops...

Written by [Eylan]

82. The Begining Of The Hallow's
The Day That Started Was Once So Holy,
But When Shimmer Came With A Dreadful Come,
Halloween Was Made For To Celebrate That Day,
That Now Has Become A Darkened Way.

It Started In England In The Town Of Hallow,
In This Day The Fear Would Rise, And People Begged For Mercy,
So They Mimicked The Dread And Then Tricked The Fear,
For This They It Seemed To Be Halloween.

But On This Very Day It Was For Saints And Now To Come For A Day Of Demons,
It Was To Ask For Food And Water But Now its Either

Written By: [NightTheOwl]

83. A demon on All Hallows.

It happens only once a year,
night is robbed of all its fear.
When this awful eve draws near,
I withdraw into my lair.

And I drop a silent tear.

I'm a demon, true and born,
but on this night I feel forlorn.
From the dusk until the morn
all I meet is human scorn.

A predicament I mourn.

I once went out this horrid eve,
the memory still makes me grieve.
They said I could them not decieve,
then politely asked for me to leave.

Such response did I recieve.

They thought me but a human pest,
who was as a demon dressed.
And then when i the truth confessed,
they laughed at me and praised my zest.

I slunk back to my nest.

For tonight my claws are tied,
a fate by wich i must abide.
This night is when all evils hide,
robbed of dignity and pride.

But tomorrow we shall stride!

Written by: [Codename B]

84. The Lost Girl

I'm that lost girl hiding in the tombs of the past
Waiting for something
For my love to come back to me
I'm that dark child that you hear laughing in the night
Laughing at the death of the sun
Laughing to keep from crying for the moon's sadness.

I'm that lost little girl that walks on Hallow's Eve
Walking through the graveyard in search of something
I'm searching for the soul of my love.
When people see me, they look away
When people hear me, they walk away
But when people feel me, they know that i'm lost forever
Never to be part of this wonderful world again.

Like the setting sun, drowning in the bloody skies
I got lost on Hollow's Eve
My love left me, but I tried to bring him back
No one beleived me when i said he couldn't leave me
No one could hear his last words echoing in my head
No one thought that it could ever happen
That love and darkness could make bond so strong
That not even death could break it

And when I died, on Hollow's Eve
They realized that we were meant to be together
In life
In death
In love and darkness

Written by: [Karmathious]

85. Alone

I walk alone in the cold morning
The leavs fall upon me
Walking alone
Cold and scared
I walk upon the cemtary
I walk upon the tomb stone
Of the one i loved 
Who died on this very day of Devils night
I sit here and talk to myself
as i'm talking to you
As I feel your pain run right through me
I feel you in my vains
I had felt everything you've ever felt
The pain
hatred from others

I feel alone
Once again
I never really understood
Why you left me all alone
Alone in this world
You played around with suicide
To think death was your only friend
But it only left you in a new world of torture
And lonliness for the both of us
I'm alone in the dark
I'm alone in the light
the light that burns my eyes
I sit here and cry my sorrows away

I walk away
Thinking about the childern of halloween
And how it would be nice to die
Like my love did
But the sound of the chilerns laughter
It brings me back to where i am
Who i will become
And i realize
That noone can be alone forever

Written by: [broken_angel_cry]

86. Time To Fright and Shine!

The clock has struck the time of doom.
No more seconds, so grab your broom!
The moon has risen high in the sky.
The ghosts, the goblins and witches will fly.
The spirits have gathered amongst the graves.
The witches are chanting to raise the knaves.
The air is filled with screams and moans.
The skeletal band rattles their bones.
As the owls hoot and the wolves howl,
The evil and dark are on the prowl.
Searching for souls to steal, possess,
Tasting the blood they're about to access.
The hunt will peek in the depth of the night.
Purging their thirst and hunger with fright.
The moon, though brilliant, is dauntless, benign.
Affords the fright to rise and shine!

Written by [Artsieladie]

87. Eternally Yours

I'm the Reaper
The angle from your nightmares
The shadow in your mind
The Chaos you leave in your wake
Your last driving force after hope has gone
The murderer of dreams
Your animal instincts
All your fears
All you believe your not
However much you evolve
I'll be there!
However much you believe you're civilized
I'll be there, your Chaotic past
I am your darker side
Your slave
Your master
Your Evil

Written by [Black Adder]


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