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Sorry, everyone, but I just can't do it on ET anymore.
For the watchers, though, I'll still update this page when I update that one. Discussion can stay here, though!
Also, I've just added in a commenting system, so people can now comment directly on each of the poems.
8/2/09: a new poem!
8/7/09: two new poems! You guys sure are lucky.

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2007-06-13 [Aquatarkus]: I still want the video youtube edition!

2007-06-13 [_habnabit]: Well fuck you! I'll do it when I make myself some sexy hair bows I can wear while I read.

2007-06-13 [ffasdf]: THAT WOULD BE SO HOT. :O

2007-06-14 [SIERRANICOLE]: You know you are sooooo wrong for posting my personal things on this so called page of yours and i would appreciate if you would take it off NOW and i happen to be the judge of my own work or poetry if i like it thats all that matters you don't have to post it up on this junk so you can maybe think you are being cool or funny cause guess what you are not you ticked me off so bad when i heard you read it you ought to be ashamed of yourself for doing people this way

2007-06-14 [_habnabit]: Well, that's funny. I recorded yours before I had the idea for this wiki, and I remember I messaged you ([69017015@]) with the recording, without mentioning that your poetry was bad, and then you said that you liked my recording ([69017997@] [69018035@]).

2007-06-14 [SIERRANICOLE]: well i didnt actually listen to it till now when a friend showed me it and i did not like it at all

2007-06-14 [SIERRANICOLE]: you should actually ask before you even record yourself reading it you know

2007-06-14 [SIERRANICOLE]: so just take mine off of this wiki

2007-06-14 [ally]: [_habnabit], you have no right to post other's people's work without their permission.
The way you're mocking other members' poetry also violates Elftown's rule #1: don't be an asshole.

2007-06-14 [SIERRANICOLE]: im not mocking anyone's poetry that happens to be you

2007-07-20 [ffasdf]: It's aliiiiive!

2007-07-20 [_habnabit]: Finally. :D
I'll be posting new stuff soon!

2007-07-22 [Calico Tiger]: Remember, you must ask permission of each poet that you wish to use the poetry from and get their permission if you wish to continue with this. Any poet that disagrees will have their poetry and your reading of it removed from these wiki pages.

Yes, I agree. There's tons of bad poetry out there. It's a reason I dislike poetry so much, personally. I don't even like what some consider "good poetry". It's all personal tastes.

However, just like with images, you must have their permission for use. Otherwise it's just another hate page and we don't allow those :)

2007-07-22 [_habnabit]: Okay, but what about the recordings? Is that just a guard decision? Those are fair use of copyrighted material.

2007-11-16 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: aww why'd you erase it all?

2007-11-16 [_habnabit]: I have to host it offsite now because I've been having too much trouble getting permission from people to post their poetry. Apparently they can take back their permission after finding out exactly which wiki their work was posted to.

2007-11-16 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Awww man!! I thought this place was hilarious ^_^ Stupid people... *grumbles* <img:stuff/an.gif>

2007-11-16 [_habnabit]: It's still online! Just not at this wiki. :P
The link is at the top. And like I said there, I'll update this page whenever I update that page, so if you watch the page you'll still see the updates.

2007-11-16 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: Ooooh goodie ^_^ I'll be watching then!

2008-02-29 [alleylaurent]: Hab, I am your number 1 fan.

2008-02-29 [_habnabit]: #1 fan of my tail or my hair? :T

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