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Here you can RPG with almost every anime character have fun and remember the rules.

1.No Powerplaying:Controlling other people's characters like saying you kill them you have to ask me and the person who controlls the character if you can.
2.You can have as many characters as you want.
3.You can say whatever you can unless it's towards the person who controlls the character.
4.And have fun.

Heros of legend characters
Go here and pick out which ones you want to be and the email me and I'll add you.

Heros of legend members
Here is where you put your name to join this wiki.

Heros of legend RPG
This is the RPGING part.

Heros of legend chat area
This is where you can just chat with other members of the wiki about whatever you want.

Heros of legend fan art
If you have any art you want to put up put it here.

Heros of legend fanfictions
If you have any fanfictions put them here.

Username (or number or email):


2005-08-28 [love2003love]: this rpg is awesome =) come on people join! (P.S I helped create this lol)

2005-08-28 [The Rejekt]: wat is this

2005-08-28 [lenardo]: an RPG

2005-08-28 [The Rejekt]: wat is that

2005-08-28 [Mortaltirant]: role playing mickey

2005-08-28 [The Rejekt]: o ok

2005-08-28 [Fizban]: hereos of legend...sounds like my xbox d&d-esk game lols...what type of abilities is anyone entitled to??

2005-08-28 [lenardo]: whatever abilities your characters you pick have

2005-08-28 [Fizban]: limitations?? whoa!! i didnt look at the char page...i didnt realize you would be another person...hmms this changes everyhting

2005-08-28 [lenardo]: no god characters every one can die. Heros of legend characters here are the characters you can chose from unless you have made up character sthen you can use them but you can have as mansy people as you want.

2005-08-28 [Fizban]: the list just kept going and going and going...and going and going

2005-08-28 [Mortaltirant]: Plenty of options for lots of people....

2005-08-28 [lenardo]: If you want to be any made up characters just tell me

2005-09-02 [Siyue]: WHEE!

2006-05-05 [Afi_Demon_Lord]: Yeah ! ! ! Whee ! ! !

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