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2011-02-08 01:26:55
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Goat Herd 2011

the only picture of Star taken before she died

/ [Line Viper]

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2011-02-15 [Iruvielle]: *flaps* MY NIECES AND NEPHEWS!!! :D <3

2011-02-15 [Line Viper]: Gramps is already getting in his horns.

2011-02-23 [Roma]: OMG. I have such a love for goats. Do I see a Boer and a Nubian?

2011-02-23 [Line Viper]: most of my goats have boer in them but I'm not overly sure about nubian

2011-02-23 [Roma]: Nubians have a predominance for brown colorings with spots as well, and always have super long, floppy ears. GREAT dairy goats.

What do you use your goats for? Boers are delicious, and Nubians give great milk, but these look like pets...

2011-02-23 [Line Viper]: they're mostly pets. most of them are bought by the FFA before the end of the showing season

2011-02-24 [Roma]: Cool beans ^^

I spend some time on a goat ranch milking and making cheese, and I fell in love with goats there. Such great animals.

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