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Name: Christina
Age: 33
Place of Living: Baltimore, Maryland, USA  
Occupation: Dreamer, aspiring artist, couch potato, procrastinator, wife.

What are your hobbies?
Watching lots of movies - at the moment the husband and I are on a samurai kick, but we also like horror, sci-fi, kung fu, , all the LotR, and just about anything by Ridley Scott. We are also fascinated by the special features to see how movies are made.
Watching anime (I'm so sad Samurai Champloo is over).
Playing video games - I love 2 player co-op dungeon crawlers, but am most eager about Dead Rising and Ninety Nine Nights coming out for Xbox360 this month.
Role Playing - I've only played AD&D, but am going to try my hand at Exalted this month.
And, of course, drawing - but not nearly as much as I should.

How did you end up on Elftown?
By total chance I found Elfwood. I hadn't drawn in probably nine years and it got me feeling creative again, so I got my own gallery started there. A few months later, I finally noticed the Elftown link (I am so observant!), and for a while quietly lurked. I am very happy to have found lots of friends, artists to inspire me - and most of all my husband [Evilmonk] =D

What do you like most about fantasy: writing, images, reading etc.
Anything goes. It can be reflective of the artist in a way that they cannot convey in real life. I cannot imagine living without this outlet called creativity.

How were the graphics/pictures on your house made?
I am pretty much only familiar with using a pencil. The eraser is my friend! Hey, I just recently figured out I can use different hardness of leads, give me a break. I really admire folks who dare to use all sorts of mediums, and try new things. I am not so brave. I have started dabbling with Photoshop to color - which is probably the safest way to go - I love that you can "UNDO" things. =}

Tell more about the poems on your house.
I think the only poem I have in my house is about people being like slinky's... and I don't recall where I picked that gem up. I have written a couple of poems, but they are nothing spectacular. I think I should just concentrate on the poetry of pictures.

How often do you update your house?
Not too often. And I am kind of particular about adding new things to my house. I like to keep it short and sweet (like me *bats eyelashes* lol), so it doesn't take too long for the page to load when someone visits me. I mostly add links to things I am involved in currently and trying to spread the word about.

What is it you do mostly on Elftown? (chat/build/wiki’s etc.)
always look for other people's new artwork, and eagerly share my own artwork when I finally have something new. Also, I enjoy the witty exchange that most of us have - sometimes at the expense of those not so witty. ;) You know who you are! Well... maybe you don't... and that is why we make fun of you.
I like the drawing contests. I am really looking forward to Evilmonk vs. Elftown and The Hit List because it will involve lots of great artists, so many different topics, and a hard deadline. We will be drawing a LOT in this contest. I think the competition really pushes me to try new things, and do things I might not think of doing on my own.
I like drawing communities, such as DarkArrow that offer tutorials and support - they can be very inspiring, and I like that more experienced artists are willing to share their wisdom with those wanting to improve their own skills. It is what I came to Elftown for, and I am glad to see that spirit is still alive. Kudos to [travs the bean] for putting it together and keeping us all on our toes.
Anything that gets me drawing is a good thing!

Is there a particular thing you like about Elftown, such as a specific wiki?
Warning - shameless plug to follow...
The Official Elftown Hero! *thumbs up* =9

Is there a member who’s house you really like yourself? Why do you like that house?
[Mom] is someone I visit a lot.
Why do you like that house?
It's just so nicely organized! She is always putting together great wikis that are entertaining and informative. She often has a lot of new artwork to share, so there is usually some new pretty picture to look at there, too. She is usually the first person I talk to in the morning, over our coffee. =)

Have any critique/comments/suggestions/admiration etc. on a specific Elftown matter?
Even though I sometimes complain about a lot of the members here not being artists/writers, or even appearing that interested in either of those things or knowing what Elfwood is - I think this is the best online community I have participated in. It really allows everyone so much creativity and freedom. So many sub-communities of like-minded people have sprung up - some in the serous pursuit of art, others as silly as sofa forts - but it gives us all an opportunity to share so much. And for that I am very grateful that Elftown exists.
Besides, without those members we complain about, who would be fodder for things like Happy Hero: Issue #1 (yes, another shameless plug! You can't stop me! muahahahahaaaa!).

What is your message to all Elftowners?
Everthing is more fun with a monkey.

Which picture of you can be used for Mainstreet?


Portrait of [Perplexity] done by [Evilmonk]:

The interview with [Perplexity] was done by [Sunny Silverunicorn] and
edited into the mainstreet story by [LadyMoon].
We would like to thank [Perplexity] for allowing us to interview and feature her! 

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