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Name: Matt Likness
Age: 28
Place of Living: Baltimore MD 
Occupation: Starving freelance artist (I'm so hungry!)

What are your hobbies?
DRAWING!, comics, movies, video games, reading, a little writing, and practicing my 'Husbandry'. lol

How did you end up on Elftown?
I found it through Elfwood, just on a whim. I read through it and said to myself: "I can put new pics up as soon as I want?! NO QUEUE?! I'm so there!

What do you like most about fantasy: writing, images, reading etc.
I like what most folks don't fully grasp just yet. That you can do ANYTHING you wish. You can alter time and reality anyway you see fit, and if you don't like the world you live on or the people in it...make a new one!

How were the graphics/pictures on your house made?
Seeing as I am a computer idiot, most of my banners and images were done through close friends, and are of things that are really important to me personally. I really appreciate their effort.

How often do you update your house?
Not a lot changes at my house frequently. Every once in a while when a neat contest happens, a new issue of my Happy Hero comic is up in the wiki, or when close friends are doing something I believe in. I have tried doing the description thing, but I am a creature of change. We are always evolving, and to write a description about things that can potentially change just seems like like a waste of valuable drawing time. I may try it again in the future but I doubt I'll feel any differently about it.

What is it you do mostly on Elftown? (chat/build/wiki’s etc.)
A little of everything I suppose. I have some contests going on: Evilmonk vs. Elftown, which was a lot of work, I try to do a little comission work when the workload and time permits. I chat with a great deal of folks I have met here. I like to wander around and just look for great art and cool stories. I really just try to help folks, maybe cheer em up if they had a rough day, and I really try to get people motivated about art again. There just seem to be a ton of folks who use this as a chat site and nothing more. I guess thats ok, for them if thats what they want. But I came to talk with like minded people and learn about drawing, more than just idly chat with strangers. To each their own I suppose.

Is there a particular thing you like about Elftown, such as a specific wiki?
I will pretty much go to any wiki that is funny or has some killer art or a really original contest. There are so many great places and folks have a lot of original ideas, it is just so hard to get to them all.

Is there a member who’s house you really like yourself? Why do you like that house?
I love to go to [Mom]'s house, as it is always so well organized and tidy, and she almost constantly has new artwork. I really like [TheRogue]'s house too. He's a great artist, but he is a better person, and we have lots of things in common. And of course I drop by my wife, [Perplexity]'s house (even though we live in the same one) because she always has funny pics, great art, and well...shes my wife!

Have any critique/comments/suggestions/admiration etc. on a specific Elftown matter?
Elftown is a great society because of the folks who try to use it for what it is. A place to find new ways to get your creativity (no matter what it is) to flourish. I could be extremely critical about all the little morons running around, with their "ask me 5 questions, no matter how perverted and disgusting, and I have to answer them" crap. But ET is a world all its own. Just like the one we live in, its not perfect. It never will be. Some folks only reason to exist is to spoil it for others. Unlike the real world we have the advantage of a 'block member' link. =) I admire the people who don't judge this place by its worst examples. Who are here to better themselves and the ET site as a whole. Hedda and the gang do as great a job as can be expected from them and they keep it free. They realize that knowledge shouldn't cost anything, and I respect that and what they do for this place. People spend to much time thinking about whats bad and whining, instead of changing things for the better. If you want things to be better you have to 'walk it' not just wish it away. If wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak. lol

What is your message to all Elftowners?
Thats tough, since some ET'ers are idiots and some are really cool. How do I answer that? lol
"Put yer shirt down you dumbass. If a six pack is all you got going for you, you need a girlfriend more than you need Elftown." lol. I can't stand those chumps! =)

Which picture of you can be used for Mainstreet?

Here is a photo for the interview of me, [Perplexity] and my dog, Rosebud.

Portrait of [Evilmonk] done by [Perplexity]:

The interview with [Evilmonk] was done by [Sunny Silverunicorn] and
edited into the mainstreet story by [LadyMoon].
We would like to thank [Evilmonk] for allowing us to interview and feature him! 

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