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Is there a story behind your username?
Perhaps not the most original inspiration behind a username, but it's actually a shortened version of one of my favorite black metal albums entitled 'Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk', by the band Emperor.

What all do you do on Elftown?
I lurk, communicate with old friends, write private thoughts in my little diary, and scout for art that speaks to me. I enjoy posting little snippets of my own writings and creations; I'm usually quite shy about my art but Elftown has helped me to come out of my shell a bit. There is something very frightening yet liberating about exposing your innermost depths to the eyes of others.

Do you prefer using a specific medium for art?
Typically I gravitate towards charcoals, pen/ink, and the biggest paper I can find. However, more recently in the last year or so I have dabbled in found object sculpture, due to having an apartment and no money to buy decor. You have to get creative when you're poor, haha. I experimented with random gadgets, car and clock parts, woodwork, even silverware. It opened me up to a whole new experience and perspective. I hope to continue this trend and not revert to one specific medium each time I feel an artistic endeavor coming on.

What types of decor have you made for your apartment?
Oh, lots of little bizarre things. I collected tree branches and hung them from my ceiling, dried flowers and attached them to expired computer equipment, nailed various parts from my old car transmission to the wall. One of my favorites was a bird cage in which I attached forks to on the edges, using wire. I am in awe of anything mechanical and rusty, abandoned, dark, and nature-esque. Broken things are beautiful things, they shine when they are recycled and given a new purpose.

Had you ever considered doing a youtube show about recycling decorations?
I had not considered it, but that's a very good idea!

What inspires you to create?
I think there is something in all of us artists that is simply undefinable, and this is one of those things. What inspires me to create? I honestly don't know. All I know is that I do in fact, desire it, more deeply than anything else. Perhaps it is in the shine of a deer's eye, the ridges in a tree, or even the most agonizing heart break. Inspiration is also quite contagious, as we are all sharing and growing from one another. A spark to another spark! :)

Do you have any preferred wiki pages or forums on Elftown?
Honestly, I do not. I suppose I enjoy some wikis that feature the owner's art.

What do you do for a living?
I am a hair stylist. It's not exactly my dream job, but I am determined to find the loopholes of being an artist in modern society. I think it is important to enjoy what you are doing in life. I'm figuring it out as I go along. I do not desire vast amounts of money or recognition, just connectivity with like-minded souls, and endless open doors, as a result of continuously taking risks and putting myself and my art out there.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of Elftown?
Aside from the obvious 'art', I am positively *obsessed* with music. Listening, sharing, seeking out new artists, going to shows, and writing my own/collaborating with others. I enjoy writing, reading (anything from history and philosophy to dark/high fantasy and some sci fi) watching films and documentaries, going for very long walks, enjoying nature and hiking, avid exercise, going on adventures, tripping on hallucinogens, listening to lectures (Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, and Alan Watts strike a strong chord within me), lucid dreaming, and of course... cats!

Do you write music for specific instruments or lyrics specifically?
I write both lyrics and with instruments/melodies. It is never forced and is something that merely happens at any given time, like my art. I will feel it coming on and something clicks in me, and I know that I must get it out somehow. As of right now, the only instrument I can play is piano... but I also write melodies for guitar and bass, but I cannot play them adeptly. This is where collaboration with someone who can play them, comes in. I am interested in learning how to efficiently play other instruments, however.

How did you learn to write music?
I suppose I am self taught. I recall when I was around 11 or 12 years old, my mother ended up buying a gorgeous dark cherry wood upright Standford piano. I fell in love the second I laid eyes on it. It was a hypnotic moment for me when I first played it. From then on I just...simply played 'by ear'. I liked the challenge of figuring out how to play certain melodies I had heard, without knowing how to read the notes. It progressed into me playing melodies of my own, and to this day I cannot explain to anyone how that process occurs, exactly. It's just an intense feeling that merely happens, and I feel as though I am a host to it.

Are you also self-taught with reading and writing music?
Writing music, yes... but I do not write down chords and notes. I usually play it out, rearrange and edit some things...and either record it or remember it in my head. I might be able to read a little music but not very well.

What philosophic topics interest you?
I'm readily open to *quite* a range of philosophical subjects, as it is incredibly stimulating and fascinating to me to either ponder and/or discuss with someone who can offer a fresh perspective and take me further down the rabbit hole. Metaphysics, pragmatism, religion, social structures, time and space, the idea of what it means to possess 'true freedom', I seem to be particularly drawn to the concept of Existentialism. And as somewhat of a disappointed idealist who has grown rather loathsome of Christianity and various other organized and oppressive religions, I've enjoyed the likes of Sartre, Nietzsche, Robert Anton Wilson (I mentioned him earlier), Ram Dass, Plato, Christopher Hitchens (although he is more about intense activism and politics as well as science). I also mentioned Alan Watts beforehand. It is a bit difficult for me to name these interests in such a divided way, because there are other names I'd like to mention, such as Richard Feynman and Buckminister Fuller. They are more incorporated into the science aspect of things, but to me both science and philosophy are most certainly linked in a beautiful way.

I could go into great depth, I'm going to stop there, or else I'd be typing a novel!

What do you enjoy writing about?
I write mostly just fragmented thoughts in my journal, and snippets of poetry here and there. I used to enjoy writing out my ideas for books, but haven't done so in a long time, due to realizing I'm in all actuality, a terrible writer! haha

What do you enjoy most about nature?
I enjoy the freedom and unity I experience in nature, the utter serenity. My thoughts do not dominate me and I can sink into everything as though I am dissipating, in the most pleasant way.

What do you like best about science fiction and fantasy?
I'm much more partial to fantasy as opposed to sci fi...but I just love that one can be swept up in an entirely different world and reality. There are plenty of other things I practically squeal at: weapons/swords, highly skilled badass warriors, the undeniable violence of battle, magic and spells, the thrill of an adventurous journey or quest, valiance, monstrous dragons and wyrms... and the atmosphere or style of it all has always been incredibly appealing to me. I have always wanted to dive head first into the pages of my beloved books, and end up on the other side, standing next to my favorite character. There has always been this sense of my own disappointment with the reality of this world and many of the people in it, and so I'd look to the fantasy stories and feel a sense of bittersweet longing. It was a deep acknowledgment that *I wanted to belong in their world*, because I didn't feel I belonged anywhere else.

If you were in a fantasy story, what class would you be and why?
I can't say I'd choose to be one specific thing over the other. I'd love to experience all different types! Mage, sorceress, necromancer, priestess, badass warrior... all of them have something powerful and significant to offer.

Would your choice depend upon the game or platform?
Yes, perhaps. I think it would be dependent on various things. My current state of life, mood, desires...etc. :)
The environment would most definitely be highly influential!

As an artist, have you ever created a fantasy world setting for role-playing (such as a DM would do for D&D?
I have not. Seems like a fun idea, however. :)

Do you have any favorite authors?
I quite like Laurie Halse Anderson, Anne Rice, Garth Nix, W.L. Swarts, Terry Brooks, Matt Shaw, Franz Kafka, Thomas S. Kuhn, Scott Lynch, Graham Masterton, Christopher Hitchens, Niccolo Machiavelli, Ayn Rand, Richard Dawkins, Camus, Sam Harris...

and now I'm going blank!

Do you have any advice for Elftowners?
Be genuine, let your art come to you naturally, don't force it! Consider all things, not just your own perspective. And last but not least, don't be too serious...use things like Elftown for their intended purpose: to share, connect, and simply enjoy others. :)

And now two pictures will be needed for the feature!

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