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2006-08-25 02:26:33
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Evilmonk vs. Elftown Tournament 1


August 18th - 24th, 2006



[Channy] vs. [Urmando The Elfling]: Monster


The secret Identity of my Mother-in-Law

[Elisha Kelly] vs. [iippo]: Underwater Battle

<img0*300:stuff/Elys_Uwbupdate.jpg> <img0*300:stuff/558DogFight.jpg>


[Perplexity] vs. [TheRogue]: Dragon vs. Knight


[Cia_mar] vs. [Evilmonk]: Unlikely Superheroes

<img0*300:stuff/cia%27s%20EVE%20entry%20round%202%20pencilman.jpg> <img0*300:stuff/EvilT1R2.jpg>

Clockwise from the bottom:
Narcolepticor, D&D, Zombie, Wonderman, and The Lumbernator



EVE Tournament 1 - Round 3

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2006-08-25 [Yuriona]: I would love to colour Plexie's dragon pic but I have no laptop until next week some time. ;_; Ah well, [Acerbus] has managed to sell my old one already so I'll be getting a brand new machine that is more geared to the graphics work I do! SQUEEE! XD

2006-08-25 [TheRogue]: *coughcough* MACINTOSH *coughcough*POWERBOOK G5*coughcough*


2006-08-25 [Yuriona]: Macs are evil. I wouldn't touch one with a 50 foot pole. That and my IT manager husband would consider that a divorceable offense. LMAO! Besides, with my technical background I'm a huge Hewelett Packard fan! *gets out the blue and white pom poms* :P

2006-08-25 [iippo]: Ah, thank you!
Ely, I was so sure you'd get it because yours seemed more "outside the box" -thinking to me, something that I hadn't even thought of.
And macs must die.

2006-08-25 [Yuriona]: I second that sentiment about the macs iippo! *tosses the pom poms and breaks out the sledge hammers* LOL!

2006-08-25 [smakeupfx]: G5 tower baby.... jeeezzz these new macs are fast... I timed a rescale of a 300meg photoshop file.... bing! 

2006-08-25 [Perplexity]: *stares blankly at everyone*
Uhhh....ummmm *drooling*
Tina make picture with pencil.
*pencil lead breaks*
Aww... =B

2006-08-25 [smakeupfx]: the new iPencil is great, it's more expensive than a standard pencil, but it's clear blue....and only draws half as many kinds of pictures but it draws them fast! has the new iEraser too, built right in!

2006-08-25 [Perplexity]: EVE Tournament 1 - Round 3 categories are up!!! Round starts tomorrow!!!!

2006-08-25 [TheRogue]: ... *runs off and asks the google gods* "what's an ipencil?"

2006-08-25 [Yuriona]: *holds up her Wacom with pen and built in eraser* I like these just fine thanks! Now I just need a laptop to plug them into. LOL!
For you Mac fans:: *does neener neener dance*

2006-08-25 [Perplexity]:


That was awesome, Yuri! "Nobody gives a shit" *wipes tear* oh god that's good.

2006-08-25 [Yuriona]: *griiiiiins* Yeah, I laughed my ass off the first time I read it too. Actually, I laugh my ass off everytime I read it. *smirks*

2006-08-25 [TheRogue]: OMG...LOL

2006-08-25 [iippo]: xD *passes it on*

2006-08-25 [Perplexity]: Ah there's some really good Dead Rising references in there that I know Evilmonk will love heheh

2006-08-25 [Yuriona]: Oh yeah... the guy who does the strip is a HUGE gamer. XD

2006-08-26 [Channy]: Good round Urmando :3 best of luck to everyone in the next tourney!

2006-08-26 [Lothuriel]: Did you read the Marvel one?

2006-08-26 [Yuriona]: OH yeah! I've read 'em all! XD

2006-08-26 [Urmando The Elfling]: ThanX [Channy] The higher I climb the rounds...the deeper I have to dig in my talents and fantasy! But....I LIKE IT! It's art development in a strong way... So COOL!

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