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This is the page for all of my art. It is separated into different media, I hope you like it ^^


Dukey's Sketches
-Thirteen So Far-
Dukey's Scraps
-Two So Far-


Dukey's Photo's
-Eight So Far-

Computer Art

Dukey's Digital Colouring's
-Two So Far-
Dukey's DigitalArt
-Eight So Far-
Dukey's Banners
-Four So Far-

Literary Art

Duke Portfolio
-Work In Progress-
Duke Portfolio 2
-Work In Progress-
Duke's Harry Potter Fanfiction
-Three So Far-
Duke's Miscellaneous Fanfiction
-One So Far-
Duke's Articles & Essays
-One So Far-
Duke's Poetry
-One So Far-
Duke's Rants
-None So Far-

Everything on this wiki-page, and any pages herein, belongs to me, unless otherwise stated. :) So please do not steal any of it, you will be reported upon sight. ;)

Don't you ever just want to turn

Duke's House

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2008-12-10 [Chimes]: No, I haven't.

2008-12-10 [Duke Devlin]: Well, how blunt. :P

2008-12-10 [Chimes]: Sorry... XD DA is annoying me.

2008-12-10 [Duke Devlin]: It's all good. XD How so?

2008-12-10 [Chimes]: It's taking ages to upload Cheshire...

2008-12-10 [Duke Devlin]: How very gay. *shrug* Shoot it?

2008-12-10 [Chimes]: I might.

2008-12-10 [Duke Devlin]: GOOOOOOOOOD >;D

2008-12-10 [Chimes]: XD

2009-07-21 [Keir Devlin]: Rawr

2009-07-23 [Duke Devlin]: RAWR to you too. :D

2009-07-24 [Keir Devlin]: Penis to you!

2009-07-25 [Duke Devlin]: Oh dear. XD

2009-07-26 [Keir Devlin]: now your pregnant.
And I'm the father.

2009-07-26 [Duke Devlin]: OMFG! :O I shall name my SON Draco<3

2009-07-26 [Keir Devlin]: ...
And what if you have a daughter..?

2009-07-26 [Duke Devlin]: ...... KARINA!

2009-07-26 [Keir Devlin]: XD And if you have a boy and a girl...
God damnit.
You're gonna encourage incest!

2009-07-26 [Duke Devlin]: XD Okay, if I have BOTH, then... I'll name the Girl... KEIR! OR Lenale. ;D

2009-07-26 [Keir Devlin]: Hahaha.
I love you

2009-07-26 [Duke Devlin]: I love you too ;D

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