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2011-07-15 01:11:24
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This is my bucket list. Unlike many, I'm gonna say that I aim to have some of these done by the age of twenty-five, or thirty. I don't quite know yet what I want to put on it, but I reckon some will be achievable by then. :D Otherwise, before I die. :)

1. Start a bucket list.
2. Write a publishable novel.
3. Visit the United States.
4. Meet Lenale!
5. Visit Russia.
6. Ride the Orient Express.
7. Learn to dance.
8. Become fluent in German.
9. Learn conversational Russian.
10. Get my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. (Only two more gradings, and 3 pregrades!)
11. Learn to play the piano well.
12. Go scuba-diving.
13. Try fire-walking!
14. See the Aurora Borealis first-hand.
15. See Niagara Falls.
16. Visit the Grand Canyon.
17. Visit Berlin, Germany.
18. Gamble in Vegas!
19. Walk the length of The Great Wall of China.
20. Ride a rollercoaster. =/
21. Survive a Zombie apocalypse. Join a Zombie-walk.
22. Learn Italian, and pass the exam at the end of next year :)
23. Attend a DevMeet.
24. Give Blood.
25. Give Blood regularly.

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2010-05-11 [Rice]: I can totally teach you Russian Duke.

2010-05-11 [Rice]: And I just realised how many of these I have done. XD
1. 3. 5. 6. 9. 12. 14. 15. 16. 17. 20.

2010-05-14 [Duke Devlin]: Keys, that would be amazing. :D <3
Lami, I'll add mine, and link it. ^___^

2010-05-14 [Rice]: AW YEAH!

2010-05-14 [Duke Devlin]: :D <3

2010-05-23 [Rice]: *glares* Im not allowed to give blood!

2010-05-24 [Duke Devlin]: Haha I know. XP You wouldn't have enough blood to give anyway. :3 I'll give on your behalf. XD

2010-05-24 [Rice]: Really? You'd do that for me D8 Next time you give blood you better be 'This is for Temp'.

2010-05-25 [Duke Devlin]: I will say that! XD They'll look at me funny, but it'll be worth it. XD

2010-09-14 [Keir Devlin]: If you do 4, Then you can do 15,16, and 18 :D

2010-09-25 [Duke Devlin]: That's true! :D I cannot wait! :) It will literally make my life. :)

2010-09-27 [Keir Devlin]: Mom plans to take you to Vegas when you come here anyways so... :D

2010-10-02 [Duke Devlin]: :O OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG :D

2010-10-26 [Keir Devlin]: Glad to please you :)

2010-11-02 [Duke Devlin]: :) That'd be awesome. :P

2011-05-21 [Nioniel]: Vegas is so much fun! :)

2011-05-26 [Duke Devlin]: Ohhhh I wanna go! :(

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