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As a large community that keep growing over the years, we learn that it's important to remember the things accompanied its years of growth and brought the community to what it's now. Therefore, a decision was made to build the Elftown Museum, in order to preserve the past and record the present.

These days, the Museum takes a giant step forward, and you can visit not only fantasy galleries, but also this beautiful section which was made to preserve the true history of Elftown

With many thanks to [Ittai]




The Council picture This marvelous ancient relic was the first council picture which was made by [Elisandra] and was put on the council page on the 21st of August 2003, a date that goes back to the earlier days of Elftown.
By October 2004 the Council had doubled its number and the relic was replaced with a more updated Council picture, which now decorates the entrance of the Council wiki.

Back Row from Left: [Hedda], [LazyJenny], [akilah], [peura], [Anonymous].
Middle Row from Left: [shudson], [Ilian], [Cristina], [Shreya], [Nita], [Broken Saints].
Bottom Middle Row from Left: [Calico Tiger], [Mistaya].
Bottom Row from Left: [skylie], [Elisandra], cupid, [Isilando], [May-lea].




The mayor's first birthday on Elftown! - This birthday cake graphic was made for the mayor on his birthday back on november 2002, [Hedda]'s first birthday celebration on Elftown.
The graphic was made by the Elftown pioneer [peura].




The Elftown Logo - You may recognize this image from the top bar logo.
This image was originaly made by [Amedyr] for the Elftown-graphic-for-Elfwood-competition in June 2003. The competition was thought by our mayor, [Hedda], who was looking for a graphic to represent Elftown beside other sections in Elfwood.
The image did not win, but found like in the eyes of the early Elftown crew, and was made as a logo.
However, the winning image (seen below), which was made by [tankerman], can be now found at Elfwood on the discussions page. <URL:>




Growth chart - Worth 1000 words


Exhibit 5


The updated Council picture
Done by [Aliena], winner of the Draw The Council Competition. It was put on the Councilwiki the 19th of October 2004.
The Council picture has now been updated by the Council Portrait Gallery.

Top Row: [Maketsu], [Chess], [True, plain and simple], [Davorah], [Athene Noctua]
Second Row: [Sunrose], [All_Most PUNK], [Lerune], [Shreya], [Anonymous], [Stormy], [TheRogue], [May-lea]
Third Row: [Sheepy], [Sunny Silverunicorn], [skylie], [shudson], [peura], [Nita], [Hedda], Lilo, [Cristina]
Bottom Row: [Calico Tiger], [Isilando], [Ocean Dreaming], [Malnu], [65tyjvw45b], [Ittai]


Exhibit 6

<img:/img/new/Teacher1.gif> <img:/img/new/Teacher2.gif>

The owl badges were used to distinguish those selected by the Board of Governors to serve as Teachers and Professors of the Elftown Academy. Applicants would post classroom templates and were throughly evaluated on the information provided. Those who applicants who were selected to become part of the ETA were awarded the green owl badge to show their status as a teacher. In the case of creating an entirely new department or taking over for a retired professor, an Elftown member was awarded a full colored owl badge.

The owl badge was retired when the Elftown Academy became a nonofficial Elftown organization on April 27th 2007.

The owl badge was reinstated 2011-06-20 11:07:55 for members who maintain the Elftown Tutorials and Lessons.


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2008-06-07 [iippo]: This might be a good exhibit: The elftownisation of the world. :3 (Found it lying around in fame) :P

2008-06-07 [Yncke]: Yes. Good idea. :)
This section will need some rethinking, methinks. :)

2008-06-09 [iippo]: Found some more old stuff: current_buttons (which actually has some old buttons in there too).

2011-07-04 [SilverFire]: Maybe the item about the owl badge should be changed to/include the now retired BoG badge?

2011-07-04 [Thunder Cid]: On it.

2014-10-12 [Doormat]: Do you guys do documentaries on how pretty popular people here got hit in the face with the banhammer?

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