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2007-08-29 17:47:36
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My Best Buddy lists!^.^

Do NOT freak if you don’t see your name on here. I’m still working on the list X3. Also note that this list is in no particular order.

[Theblondphantom] A wonderful artist and friend!
[Akayume] A radom but fun freind!
[Rat Hacker] A freind who looks like Jeremie form Code Lyoko!^^
[Komori-Nekko] SISSY!^^
[Unnamed Swordsman]Good friend to have fun with ^_^ 
[DarkMCat]A VERY good freind! Who makes the best rps!^^
[evilhomer] A fun friend with a weird sense of humer ^_^
[GodOfDragons] He’s so much fun and so funny!
[Ikko] She’s random,,, like me. YAY FOR RANDOMNESS!!!
[Serene Moon Knight] Code Lyoko Buddy!^^
[Eloura] Lyoko Buddy!^ *Glomps*
[The Master Raven] Frrrriiiieeeennnnd ^^ 
[Smallville] Anotehr fun friend 
[Hyuuga Hinata] Code Lyoko Buddy!^^
[bravewolf]a buddy!
[Black(V)age] Teen Titan Buddy!
[Amiantos Khronos] Teen Titan Buddy!
[O'saku] Final Fantasy buddy!
[Chi] An Anime Buddy!^.^
[Guardian] A good helper, rp’er, and writer! I swear she’s some type of goddess or something!!
[Alika] My friend who is like a sister in the real world ^^
[Ansem] A good friend whom I enjoy talking to!
[Asalli_Angel] She plays the BEST Kakashi in any rp out there!
[KnightAngel] *Clings to him* MINE!
[someelf] *Clings to her] IS ALSO MINE!
[lightstar#0] A nice friend to hang around with *huggles* ^.^
[Lord_Guac] A ture kindom hearts fan and friend! ^^ *hugs*
[Yami] Makes the best Inuyasha RPS, is a good rp'er, freind, AND SHE'S MINE! *clings to*
[Keir Devlin] I LOVER HER MORE THEN RAMEN AND SHE LOVES ME MORE THEN BUNNIES! She is also mine! X3 *Clings to as well*
[Nikki The Crazy Babe]My freind in the real world ^^
[shadow frost wolf] Is a very fun freind who loves my KH fanfic ^^ shadow frost wolf is ALSO MINE!!! XD

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2007-07-03 [shadow frost wolf]: Caita: yes i see you are...

2007-07-03 [Dark Shiva]: Shiva: Gah! New person that I do not know! *hides*

2007-07-05 [shadow frost wolf]: caita: hello shiva! i also specialize in ice based techniques

2007-07-06 [Dark Shiva]: *hidding*

2007-07-06 [shadow frost wolf]: caita: umm....i can see you

2007-07-06 [Dark Shiva]: *Dissapeas in a puff of blue and pink smoke* POOF!

2007-07-06 [shadow frost wolf]: Caita: again with the blue and pink....

2007-08-05 [Dark Shiva]: Shiva: I LIKE BLUE AND PINK!!! *Is heard from far far far away*

2007-08-28 [shadow frost wolf]: *turns around* Caita: What was that?!!!!

2007-08-28 [Dark Shiva]: Shiva: Hey I can see my house from here!!!

2007-08-28 [shadow frost wolf]: Caita: how come im not up here???

2007-08-29 [Dark Shiva]: Shiva: *Cannat hear do to being far far away still*

2007-08-29 [shadow frost wolf]: Caita: *shouting explosiveness in your direction* Thank You!!! XD

2007-09-04 [Dark Shiva]: Shiva: *Hears a very faint "thank you" * Nani? What was that? O_o

2007-09-05 [shadow frost wolf]: Caita: Nani??? OO...

2007-09-06 [Dark Shiva]: ("nani" means "what" in japaneness)

Shiva: who-wha? Oo

2007-09-07 [shadow frost wolf]: Caita: Za-to-mi! Caita nisen rendan!

2007-09-07 [Dark Shiva]: Shiva: *Is alseep*

2007-09-08 [shadow frost wolf]: Caita: Wakarimasen! XD

2007-09-08 [Dark Shiva]: Shiva: ZzzzZzz...cookies.... zzzZZZzzz

2007-09-08 [shadow frost wolf]: Caita: *munchin on cookies*

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