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Characters of Corus's Rebellion

Welcome to the men and women of Curus's Rebellion. They have gathered to take over the kingdom, to ride of the ruling god. Their goal is to create a new future, as man the ruling figure.


Inner Circle
Madaline(Maddy) Cornell- Inn Keeper of Phoenix
Prince Even Dunmire

Outer Circle
Gurthar Lelaith
Conrad Isador
Gurthar Lelaith
Kaelia Ravenwolf
Malek the shadowseer


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2009-12-29 [Rice]: Nathan Crane

2010-02-02 [Eyden13]: I decided that Evan and maddy were going to be the only two in his inner circle. I just forgot to take Ketsuri out as well. If they get closer thriough ot the ro I'll change him back.

2010-02-03 [Rice]: Ok XD poor Flick..he'll be heary broken.

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