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2011-04-17 12:10:48
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Conference sketch


Conference sketch

The sort of thing I'm drawing on hotel note pads these days. Colours thank you to my crappy iphone camera! Tired eyes and messy hair <3
/ [Kaimee]

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2011-04-20 [Linderel]: Anything you draw is pretty much super awesome by my standards. :D I kind of like the sketchiness, too.

2011-04-20 [Kaimee]: I'm actually (in all my imaginary spare time) considering developing her into a character >.> I have an inclination to keep drawing that nose, those freckles, those lips, and that hair... but perhaps this time with an actual body and outfit!

2011-04-20 [Linderel]: Wheeee :3

2011-04-20 [nehirwen]: What Lin said. <3
And that would be awesome! :)

2011-04-20 [Kaimee]: I'm afraid I feel like drawing very tight pants on her... I'm not sure where it's coming from, but I sure hope the result looks good :P

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