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2004-12-08 16:57:57
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join if you love the feeling of warm blood spattered on your blade

message [Thief of Hope] IF you Want to join.
there are 4 ranks Head Slayer, Slayers,Drinkers,Assassins

[Lehfonos Nekros] Vampyric Noble, and mentor to all those seeking the Life.

Head Slayers:
[Thief of Hope] my babe is on here!!!
[Wolf Goddess]

[alucard III]
[lothorion the duck]
[Mr. 4gotten]
[you killed me]

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2004-04-18 [Thief of Hope]: someone please join.....

2004-04-22 [Draiochta]: Can I????????????? Please put my name down!!!

2004-04-24 [alucard III]: niggggggaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2004-04-27 [thewhiterabbit]: hehehe I feel special

2004-04-27 [Oedemia]: I wanna join, i wanna join !!!

2004-05-12 [Wolf Goddess]: i wanna join!

2004-05-21 [BlacK_HearT]: i would like to join....!!

2004-06-30 [Blased Vilvar]: yes please put my name down i wanna join please please please please please please

2004-06-30 [Sweet Intoxication]: I want to join! I was a member of the older blood lust and still got that banner on my home..hmm I think I should take it down.....

2004-07-01 [Thief of Hope]: cool message me and tell me your rank

2004-10-29 [Blissfully_Numb]: I would like to join, please.

2004-11-20 [Q_Q]: yes this is what i need grrrr

2004-12-08 [Q_Q]: ok

2005-01-30 [Frivalicious]: would someone put my name here... *drink a cup of blood for the vampire race*

2005-01-30 [Q_Q]: aww

2005-04-16 [Rizzen]: unt vat is all zis about if I might ask?

2005-04-28 [Thief of Hope]: sorry if i havent responded ive been busy with my music career ive takin vampirism and drumming to a whole new fucking level call or message me if you want to join

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