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2007-10-14 16:00:44
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Cinnamon Spice

Ok, this is a large Sonic Fanfiction I've been working on based around the game of Sonic Riders. Think extreme airboarding race and a team of thieves called the Babylon Rogues and you've got it.

However my story has a figure not seen in the game, and how this new friend knots herself into the Sonic gang...

This fanfiction will be updated part by part, have fun reading!

The world and all characters are copyrighted to Sega apart from the new girl (she's all mine).

Estantia's Stories


Prologue: Cinnamon - Follow Me (Can be read as a snapshot)
Part 1: Cinnamon Spice 1
Part 2: Cinnamon Spice 2
Part 3: Cinnamon Spice 3
Part 4: Cinnamon Spice 4


Estantia's Stories

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2006-12-18 [starry_bellend]: Is that supposed to be knuckles? :P

2006-12-18 [Estantia]: nope, that's cinnamon up there

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