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Chaotic Comics

Comics by [Lady Chaos]!

Welcome to my comics page! These are the comics I've drawn on the computer. All of them took less than half an hour (some less than 10 minutes) so none of them are particularly good quality, but they are funny! Click on the pics to see the larger version. If you like this page, you'll love I'm An Artist by my twin sister [Nebsy]. If you want to see my serious art, it's at The Chaos Collection.

Click on the pictures for full size view!


Based on a really whiny poem of the same name. I think the comic says it better than the poem though.


The unwittingly shared wisdom of a man I know has brought me to the realisation that men are acutely aware of their male-ness, and of the fact that the world views them as perverts. They do not necessarily disagree with this view; they simply wish to be seen as more than just perverts.


The punchline? Smiling doesn't necessarily mean you're happy. (It could also mean you're dead.)


I know I'm not looking forward to it...


For those who don't know, "Earth Hour" is when we're all supposed to turn our lights off. Note, just lights, not Playstations or ovens.


It's kind of cute, actually.


Perhaps [hannes] is the only other Elftowner who will get this... it's a genetics joke.
A poly A tail is on the end of a mRNA molecule (a bit of DNA), it is far too tiny to ever actually be the tail of a mouse.


Ain't it the truth.


Kinda darker than the others... but I had to make this joke.


My send up of that cute little emo thingie "I'll just pretend to hug you 'til you get here." XD


Revlon's Ivory coloured makeup sucks... it's not ivory at all, it's orangey pink.


Nothing is funnier than necrophilia!


Take that, Eminem.


If you don't get it, have a look at his mouth. I swear, when I was a kid, I thought the Batman logo was teeth.


The thorn in my side.


A quote from Poe, drawn!


Hmmm, I wonder if they really are that snide at Centrelink...


Self harm is a serious issue boys and girls. Hundreds die from skin cancer every day!


Geneticists get a real kick out of giving genes wacky names. There's Superman, Sonic Hedgehog, and a whole heap more that are even funnier. Ask [hannes]!


Yep, they're all a "beige wasteland of neutrality"... Well... not entirely! <3 *Winks at Nick*


Ahhh, nothin's braver than someone beating up someone weaker than themselves, that's for sure!


It's the emo emu!

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2007-10-10 [hannes]: hehe, great comics.. i love the emo emu.. and the "i'll just pretend to skrew you until you get here". it's brilliant!XD

2007-12-20 [kay-chan]: Hehehe. I got the poly-A tail joke! These amuse me. :3

2008-04-03 [lacklustre]: comedic gold the lot of them! how are you?

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