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aka Kitter
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Thanks and enjoy!
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Here's lookin' at you kid!
Lazy day
Checking out the camera
coming a little closer
Just a little closer
Almost there
Just a bit further

/ [Lothuriel]

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2009-03-27 [Alexi Ice]: The kitty is pretty! *Snuggle*

2009-03-27 [Lothuriel]: hehe, don't snuggle too close, we call him catzilla for a reason.

2009-03-27 [Alexi Ice]: Really? I have a catzilla then, does he bite?

2009-03-27 [Lothuriel]: He's just mischeivious...and unpredictable and a bit moody, lol. He can be a sweet cat though. Mostly we call him Catzilla because he is 9 months old and weighs 17lbs!!!

2009-03-27 [hanhepi]: he's gorgious! i love his coloring. :)

2009-03-27 [Alexi Ice]: Holy crow he is a big boy! But he is extreamly beautiful! I definatly agree with Han about his coloring. He LOOKS sweet, Lol.

2009-03-28 [Lothuriel]: I love his eyes!! 

Thanks for the loverly compliments about my furry baby. He had a rough start though.;_; when he was a new born, his Mama got ran over by a car. My boss found him and gave him to us because he has a crapton of cats and he was afraid they'd hurt him. We had feed him kitten formula in a syringe. He slept right next to my bed for about 3 months. He stays outside most of the time now, he's a bird chaser! But he does still lurves his baths and his tv time, lol

2009-03-28 [Alexi Ice]: His eyes are pretty, my yellow cat is blind in one eye.

! ZOMG That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad! He should meet my Pumpkin, he was born under similar circumstances! Except...he was covered in fleas and dying. Poor thing.

He takes baths?

2009-03-28 [Lothuriel]: Lawrd YES!! Kitter will come into the bathroom and try to turn the water on! He will stand there in the water and flick his tail and wail like yer killing him but, he never moves. He actually loves it. 

Yeah, the man who gave us kitter had called him Bur, because he was literally covered in them lol

2009-03-28 [Alexi Ice]: He is a silly cat!!! Silly silly! Mine likes to drink out of the bath tub because it is cold but he hates the splashy water.

Poor cats. I don't know why most people don't like them or mist treat them . It's cruel

2009-03-28 [Lothuriel]: I admit, I don't much care for them. Kitter here stole my heart big time. I think cats are pretty and I love kittens but, I have a freak out factor when it comes to other people's cats....

2009-03-28 [Alexi Ice]: I don't LOVE them, but I have seen too many be treated poorly...have you noticed that one of Catzilla's eyes are darker than the other?

2009-03-28 [Lothuriel]: It does seem that way doesn't it. Could be the light maybe?

2009-03-28 [Alexi Ice]: Maybe...I wonder?*Takes a closer look*

2009-03-28 [hanhepi]: wow, and i thought my cats were weird for drinking out of the toilets! i tried once to bathe our tomcat Spankey, but, we never made it to the soap that day. it was water then bandaids for me. :( i can rub him with a wet rag if he's too dirty, but thats about it. mostly, if he won't wash himself, we just hope for a good rain storm. (and he's really dirty most of the time. stupid fleas. the rolling in the driveway doesn't help him much either in the cleanlyness department.)

2011-05-03 [Akayume]: This looks like a cat I used to have! :D SO cute!

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