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Case Closed Lovers United

     This wiki is here to join together all who love the show case closed, or other wize known as detective conan. We like new people here and we love people who comment ^_^. This wiki also has an aly in arms! Case Closed this wiki is also a fan page for this show..just goes to show we are not odd for loving it!! WE ARE NOT ALONE!!! ^o^


1. If you mess with this wiki in anyway shape or form..(besides adding your name and a comment to the list) i will hunt you down and kill you ^o^ have a nice day!

2. Must love case closed/detective conan or want to now more about it.

3. No "rude" language if you know what i mean.

4. After joining you must put the banner in your house,i am BEGGING you!! please spread the word!! ^o^

Other wiki stuff

Fan Art for Detective Conan

Case Closed Lyrics



Detective Conan RPG Area








6.[D34D_L33T] w333 0vvn493


8. [Aki-chan]

9. [cowsgomoo14245] i love the show!!!^^

10.[Gone4Eva]hey i got this japanis mag from a used book store a few years ago and there was this blak and wighit manga in the back and i had no idea what it was and then i saw your banner, now i know what it is!*me happy*

11.[Analeyin] Woot! Conan is so amazing.. and more so when he's older. Yummy! hehehe, kidding...

12.[MACCANATOR] case closed rocks

13.[Phoenix Tears]

14.[Ukia] Yay! One I can join! 

15. [xX.//Standing Up From Underneath//.Xx] One Truth Prevails! ^_^

16.[CrystalBlaze] Cased Closed Rocks

17.[Dark Lullaby] Cute little Jimmy ^_^

18.[Siraku The Demon Wolf]Ask me anything about Case Closed and I'll know it!

19.[Expensive Fidelity] Only ONE truth prevails!

20.[Slytherin's Werewolf] With a keen eye for details, one truth prevails. Jimmy Kudo rocks.

21.[caseclosed] one truth prevails. Jimmys my detective idle 


23. [Sheket]

24.[PandaHearter] I love this show and other anime shows, but this show is my favorite. Yea! Case Closed!

25. [JupiterStar] I love Case Closed! 

26. [Lost In Thought] case closed is awsome. i like their graphic novels. i wish they wouldn't have taken it off of adult swim!!!

27. [Shishiru]- I love case closed! grrr, why'd they have to go and take it off?? oh well *sits and watched her many dvds, reads the manga, and watched her favorite tapped episodes*  

28.[seth 174]-i watch it every time it comes on

29. [DrakeRivenworth] I'm so good, I can follow the clues and predict the killer almost every time!

30. [Huyana, Princess of Darkness] Case closed is one of the best Animes in America! I hated that they took it off the air! -__- then I got the DVDs!!! ^-^


32. [Fetish Dolly Koneko™] w00t!! love this show!!

33. [Fashionably Restrained] Case Closed Rox!!

34. This is such an awsome show!!!! I love it!!!

45. [gansta-matt] case closed hell ya

46. [Mortaltirant] with the best

47. [Anti Hero] Case Closed is awesome.

48. [Wolf Of Love and lust]Jimmy is sooo cute!

49. [shinta-dono] I AM JIMMY!

50.[Rioan]I love case closed!I watch it every morning!

51. [Subject37] i have now idea what this place is about...

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[Cloudwatcher]: indeed..nicely put

[Crystalwing]: hi hi hi hi

[CrystalBlaze]: Me back nice to be back

[Crystalwing]: hi. Can I share your cookies?

[Cloudwatcher]: sure.,*hand you a cookie*

[CrystalBlaze]: me watched the cased closed movies this weekend

[Cloudwatcher]: sweet

[CrystalBlaze]: me only watched a few of them though

[CrystalBlaze]: Cw stop saying hi

[CrystalBlaze]: hey

[Crystalwing]: hey u

[Cloudwatcher]: _>

[CrystalBlaze]: Cw stop talking

[Crystalwing]: nok

[CrystalBlaze]: lalala

[CrystalBlaze]: me think something is wrong with cw

[MACCANATOR]: merry christmas

[CrystalBlaze]: me think CW has too much time to kill<img:stuff/mood14-gif.gif>

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