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Blankets and Robes

15 Images by [Flisky]


<img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_1.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_2.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_3.jpg>

Army Blanket

<img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_5.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_4.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_7.jpg>

Pillow Case 1 + 2

<img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_10.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_9.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_11.jpg>

<img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_13.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_12.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_14.jpg>


<img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_16.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_15.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/z/59031/Flisky%2527s%2520temp-1/i1237944427_17.jpg>

EPRM Cloth Reference

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2009-03-25 [jaraden]: well i gotta say, not alot of people would appreciate refferences such as these, but speaking as an artist who struggles with drappery and how cloth folds i love it!!! if you could get refferences on how long dresses fall, or hoods that would help me out personally.. but other then that kid i'm lovin it!!!!!!!!!

2009-03-26 [Flisky]: I don't personally own long dresses. :P But I'm sure I could get my hands on some.

2009-03-27 [jaraden]: MWAH HA HA!! go forth and pillage in my name!!!! har har!!!
you don't actually have to go outta your way.. i can muddle on me own for now.. but there are times when i need help with bloody dresses... i SUCK at them!!!!

har har!

2009-03-27 [Flisky]: Meh. I have friends who wear dresses. I'm more of a knee length skirt person myself.

2009-04-01 [jaraden]: ohhh ho ho.. skirts.......

get's head outta gutter...

but seriously... drappery has always been a struggle for me.. especially creating flowing dresses fer characters... so i usually avoid it if possible.. shows how lazy i is huh!!!!

har har!

2009-04-02 [Flisky]: I love playing with the flow of fabric. Folds and such. Adds depth.

2009-04-06 [jaraden]: too true.. i aught to try more flowing drappery.. but i typically stick to my strengths... muscles and bizzare poses... ohh well!!!!

2012-04-26 [GODofMUSIC04]: i have teh same pillow case :)

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