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2009-12-06 19:30:49
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BSS Act I 

<img:>I Scene I

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2009-12-06 [wicked fae mage]: Do you think that Scene 1 should be the intro on the plane and into the hotel room, just enough to get character insights past what's on the character page?

2009-12-06 [wicked fae mage]: And now we wait for Dee's characters who could possibly still be boarding and the other characters who are soon to come..

2010-02-06 [Dezmond]: ooookiday, i created my character, aaaaand where does it start?

2010-02-06 [Ravendust]: Scene 1, the link is here :)

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: .......darn. I didn't realize that I Scene I was a link.....

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: You're not the first to make the mistake, it's fine.

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: oh...thanks...I think..

2010-02-12 [wicked fae mage]: I was the first! =D

2010-02-12 [*Phoenix*]: lol!!

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