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“There is one pain I often feel, which you will never know. It is caused by the absence of you.”


And of course, there's always (Ayden's abused phrases)

(After I just walked into the bathroom.)

"I can't follow you in there! It says....(looks at sign) MEN!"

"There's no such thing as cookie crumbs! -Er, HERPES! That's just a myth!"

"I love the Ebony Delight."         


(During a game of scrabble)

"Put the A right there!!!!!"

"If I saw him, I'd kick his face."

Kevin: Neo kills Morpheus!

"It's all fun and games until somebody gets raped!"
      -TV announcer for Veronica Mars

(During Terminator 2 before Arnold dies.)
(Very soft and sadly) "..Nooooo..."

"He's chumpy."

Dad: I'm the man. I'm the boss.
Me: Well, if you're the boss, then I'm the King.
Dad: You're the KINGAROO!
Me: That...doesn't make sense...-DAMNIT!
Dad: The boss wins again!

Dani: Nobody wants to have sex with someone in elementary school.
Me: ....
Me: ....

Dani: This is the worst stuffed animal I've ever seen...

Me: I'm glad you're so damn cool.
Dani: Why? Because you and your friend are listening to Hanson and watching lesbian ninja candy sex, and I'm not... what... offended?

"If I was stranded on a desert island, I'd wait a week then eat my own shit." -TIMMY!!

"The second I take a shit, that room becomes a man's

"Okay, I'm not humping anymore doors..."

"Y'know what? You're so NOT gay, that makes you GAY. Fag."

"I'm gay!"

"I suck mean cock."

"I bet you suck mean cock, Dwight."


"Yeah,'re gay. Ya ass."

"My friend, John the Ripper once ate a mayonnaise pancake."


"Ever been in rain forest? (holds up cellphone and 'rainforest sounds' emit as a ringtone)...Well now you are!" -Mark

"What's that necklace made of? ...Hemp? Dude, that fucking looks like human hair!" -Some guy named Tyler

(Singing)"..My music's so loud...and swinging...they be trying catch me ridin' dirtyyy...tryin' to catch me dirty.. Oh, y'know that song? It's by 'Khamillionaire.' He's like a chameleon, and he has tons of money! Holy shit." -Jason

Me: Did that guy have a mullet?
Dwight: (Totally serious) No...He had long, flowing, beautiful hair...
Everyone: (Blank stare)...Okay, Dwight...
Dwight: What? He was a beautiful man...

(During Karaoke Revolution)
Jayron: Hey! How about 'Smooth Criminial?'
Rob: Sorry man, I haven't unlocked it yet..
Jayron: ! WHAT THE FUCK, MAN? ROB-ROB, you can suck my left nut!
Rob: Wha-
Jayron: I oughta smack you with my dick right now!
Rob: From over there?
Jayron: FUCK YOU, ROB! (Backs away a few feet) I'll smack you from right here! ...IN FACT, (walks out the door) I'll fucking hit you from around the CORNER!
Everyone: ...What the hell?

(During a game of Urban Myth)
Dwight: (Reads) Squirrels can't get rabbies.
Guys: Hmm...False.
Dwight: True! ...I'm gonna go hug a squirrel.

"I'm a scientist!"

(John sayings)

John: ...What a Jew.

John: Son of a (whore)!

John: 'Jew' be crazy.

John: Hehehehehe....negroes.

John: ...Midgets?

...He's not racist. Honestly.

(While eating pizza)
"Hey Belinda! I'm eating your soul! It's greasy and yellow...*Takes bite* AND IT BURNS!!"

"I'm not cute...I'm a ninja."

BlightBoy12: I'm a relatively peaceful person
Die As You S1eep: i know...but it doesn't hurt to shank anyone now and again.

"I don't know what is up with you kids and your use of chickens and slides."
-Jeff Marshall

"Y'know why you suck at life? It's cause you're not water!"

"I make a mean pancakes."

"Oppressing makes people happy!"

Sk8erdudepmp: guzzling horse cum
BlightBoy12: yeah...
Sk8erdudepmp: howd that make you feel?
BlightBoy12: horny.

BlightBoy12: I have a farmer's tan..
BlightBoy12: It's bad.
Sk8erdudepmp: wait, you can get those?!

"My definition for 'Spoom' isn't appropriate for this game."
-Random guy

"What food do you beat to get stiff?"
-Question from 'Battle of the Sexes'

"NO! I like...white people."

"The 'G-A word?'?"

"Chad! Miracle Whip is MAYONNAISE!"

Freedner: He KILLED 50 million people!
Dave: Depends on what you count as "people."

"I dunno, I just have a severe feeling of dislike towards you right now." -Rhashaun

"Okay, just- OH no! I wrote Elementary school!"

"Just puts capslock on, and- Oh wait...we're writing."

"Click there!.......Oh yeah, we're writing."

"When I ate a sandwich like THAT kid."

Ming Ni: You lie again, and I'll wash your mouth out with soap.
Dai:...But...Mommy, I'll DIE.

Me: Hi Sasa!
Maseea: ?????
Me: ...I can't...understand you, but you're really cute!
Maseea: ??????
Me: Heh...that's...good. I think..
Maseea:????? Bye!
Me: Wait, what?!

(After getting 12 unresponsive calls from some unknown person in California)
Dad's old friend: ....Hello?
Seiha: O_o.....

Me: Hello?
Dai: (In tears) Chandarith..?
Me: Dai? Honey, what's wrong?
Dai: ...Do you know..
Me: ?
Dai: Do you know any jokes?
Me:...Wait, what?

Me: Sasa!
Maseea: Hi!
Me: What are you doing?
Maseea: ??? bought us this blankets. Pretty, see?
Me: Hehehe...yeah..
Ming Ni: Sasa, he can't see them through the phone.

Me: Hello? Ming Roun?
Ming Roun: Yeah, Chandarith...What is it?
Me: Did you find out what gender your baby is?
Ming Roun: No...
Me: Well, if it's a boy, you should name him 'OJ.'
Ming Roun: OJ? Why would I want to name him OJ?
Me: It...rhymes with Kay.
Ming Roun: Hmm...No, I'll pass. OJ.... HEY! WAIT! YOU WANTED ME TO NAME MY KID OJ SIMPSON?!
Ming Roun: You idiot!

Seiha: She's already got "Ayden" and "Kaiden." If she has another boy, she should name him "Raiden, God of Thunder and Lightning."

Me: ..A road rally? What happens at a road rally?
Seiha: People...get...pitchforks and...attack.. potholes? On the road.
Me: O_o
Seiha: I don't fuckin' know!

Miriam: He.. he fucked the FREAK out of me.
Everyone: O_o
Miriam: I-I mean, he freaked the FUCK out of me.

Batman: I will name him....Gennosuke.
Me: What?! Really?!
Ming Abby: Umm...I don't think so.
Batman and I: ...Lame.


"Nobody's perfect...That is, until you fall in love with them."

"No one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can only go where the tracks take it."

"Everyone has to find their own reason."
-Cloud Strife

"Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements."
-Ashley Riot

"We that are true lovers run into strange capers; but as all is mortal in nature, so is all nature in love mortal in folly." -Touchstone

"Strength without determination means nothing, and determination without strength is equally useless!"
-Godo Kisargi

"Words aren't the only way to tell someone how you feel."

"This day will never come again... So let me have this moment..."
-Tifa Lockheart

"And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."
-Kahlil Gibran

"This is my story. It'll go the way I want, or I'll end it here." -Tidus

"You spoony bard!"

"Evil doesn't stand a chance against these two hellfire cannons." -Edward (Pirates)

Edward: I'll come back one day, my love.
Girl: You promise with all your heart?
Edward: ...Yeah....the whole thing...

Jules: I smell something burning.
Edwards: Maybe it's your pussy from all that action you got.

"God has touched you. And I want to hear about it."

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2007-02-11 [Pat the Baker]: Hey, here's some things you should add:

"He's chumpy." -Pa

"The G-A word!" -Lee

2007-02-11 [Ayden Cross]: Hahaha, okay.

2007-05-20 [Pat the Baker]: Hahaha, that's pretty much every conversation I've ever had with Sasa.

2008-08-16 [Ayden Cross]: Adding these to the comments, because I don't feel like posting it up on the already HUGE page.

"Oh yeah, I got the tin foil edition for my birthday. " -Rattana on Soul Caliber 4

Rattana: I crapped myself when I was younger.
Me: Dude, How much younger? Like...over 12? Under 12?
Rattana: UNDER!
Me: 11 1/2...
Rhashaun *tears of laughter*

Me: You wouldn't understand, Ashley Lynn.
Ali: ! Hand-write moon!
Me: You're sick.

Seiha: I dunno...but I REALLY, REALLY hope he uses her for the money. I know that sounds bad...but she's a whore.

(While punching a kid with leukemia)
Chuck: Dude, Ritz is crazy.

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