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The Poetic Writings of [Anvikit]

The Poet

Come see my world through words
And walk the ink pen line

Underlies the meanings
Seeing past the rhymes

Where letters paint my pictures
For you to understand

Through my mind into your eyes
My thoughts flow under hand.

Written by [Anvikit]

Image of an Illusion

fur of golden sunlight hue
and feathers of mid-day sky
silently she floats on through
the rips of space and time

dreams and long lost memories
of places new and old
tales of dragons and faerie kin
is where she makes her home

same in spirit but alike to none
she wonders through our minds
leaving us her illusive image
not a paw print left behind..

Written by: [Anvikit]


My only escape
Into realms unknown
Reality fades
No longer alone

Into my mind
I flee to hide

So lucid and real
To touch and to feel

Ever changing
I am myself, no one, everyone
Strangers are my friends
Though never we have met

On wings of silver
I fly away

Written by [Anvikit]

Artist Block

The little bird does stare
Upon the bleak white snow
Not knowing where to stop
Not knowing where to go

A flying swoop 
She takes a leap
But quickly then back tracks
Back to perch to sit and keep
Until the fires back

Written by [Anvikit]

'Till Death

Till death do us part,
I'll wait for you.
On your final hour,
I'll mourn for you.

Come back to me,
I beg of you.
Love me once more,
I pray of you.

Fresh flowers I leave,
Only for you.
On gravestone mantle,
I weep for you.

I climb the stair,
I'll dream of you.
Heart full of sorrow,
I'll think of you.

I close my eyes,
And I see you.
You came back to me,
I knew you would.

On satin sheets,
we love again.
Back from the dead,
I'm whole again.

Written by [Anvikit]

Zombie Love

Hey Listen up!
Now hear me true!
It's time for love,
And kissies too!

Dust off your shirts,
And bestest suits.
Now comb that hair,
And knock your boots!

Stand straight and tall,
And don't ye slouch.
Stop that moaning,
Don't be a grouch!

Grab some flowers,
They're all around.
It's Time to leave,
The graveyard grounds.

For this of days,
Go find a date.
Now up the stairs,
And out that gate!!

Into the world,
Search high and low.
For that perfect girl,
And make it so.

You'll know it's her,
When what you find,
She gives you her love,
And a peice of her mind.

Written by [Anvikit]

A poem for the brokenhearted

I love you, you love me too,
It's all a bunch O'junk!
When I A'see two lovebirds lovin'
It gets me in this funk.

Lovey dovey holiday,
I hope you sure pass quick.
Go fly a kite, and get ye gone!!
You really make me sick!

No one ever bought me flowers,
So why should I for you?
Ain't no reason to sit and pout,
Or cry needless boo hoo's.

Love find someone else to bother,
Just let me be in peace.
I can do quite well here on my own,
Yer grip on me release!

Go and eat your chocolates,
And choke on candy hearts.
I don't need no stinkin' Val-en-tine,
My heart's been tore a'part.

Written by [Anvikit]

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