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Animal sounds

This is the sounds different animals are said to make, in different languages.


Swedish: Nöff! (as french "neuf")
American English: Oink!
French: Gruik! (or Oiink!)
Spanish: Oink!
Portuguese: Oink!
Japanese: Kui!
Finnish: Nöff!


Swedish: Bää!
American English: Baah!
French: Mêêêêee!
Spanish: Beeh! ("behehe")
Portuguese: Méééééé!
Finnish: Mää!


Swedish: Mjao!
American English: Meow!
French: Miaou!
Spanish: Miau! ("meeaw")
Portuguese: Miau!
Japanese: Nya!
Finnish: Miau!


Swedish: (Normal dog:) Vov! (Big one:) Voff! (small:) Bjäbb!
American English: (Normal dog:) Bark! (Big One:) Woof! (small:) Arf!
French: Ouah! or Ouaf!
Spanish: Guau! ("wow")
Portuguese: Ão ão!
Finnish: Vuh vuh! or hau hau!


Swedish: Mu! Muu! Muh!
American English: Moo!
French: Meuh!
Spanish: Muuuu! ("mooh")
Portuguese: Muuuu!
Finnish: Ammuu!


Swedish: Gnägg!
American English: Neigh!
French: Hihihi!
Spanish: Hihihi! ("wheeheehee")
Portuguese: Hihihihi!
Finnish: Ihahhaa!

Little bird

Swedish: Kvitt-kvitt!
American English: Tweet-tweet! (or chirp!)
French: Cui-cui! (or tchip!)
Spanish: Pio-pio ("peeoh-peeo0h")
Portuguese: Piu-piu
Finnish: Tsirp tsirp!


Swedish: Ho-ho!
American English: Hoot!
French: Hou-hou!
Spanis: Uuu-uuu! ("woo-woo")
Portuguese: Uuu-uuu!
Finnish: Hu-huu!


Swedish: Kuckelliku!
American English: Cock-a-doodle-doo!
French: Cocorico!
Spanish: Kikiriki! ("keekeereekee")
Portuguese: Cocorococó!
Finnish: Kukkokiekuu!


Swedish: Kluck-kluck (More like a turkey?)
American English: Cluck cluck!
French: Cot-cot codette!
Spanish: Clo clo clo clo cloco! ("kloh kloh kloh kloh klokoh") Sometimes Poc poc poc!
Portuguese: có có có cooooó! (ooo = oh, in this case:)
Finnish: Kot kot!


French: Piou-piou!
American English: Peep! or Cheep!
Portuguese: Piu-piu!
Spanish: Pio-pio!
Japanese: Piyo-piyo!
Finnish: Piip piip!


Swedish: Kvack!
American English: Quack!
French: Coin-Coin!
Spanish: Cua! ("kwah") Sometimes Cuac!
Portuguese: Quá-quá!
Finnish: Kvaak!


Swedish: Pip!
Portuguese: iiiiiiii
Spanish: Yiiii
American English: Squeak!
Finnish: Piip!


Swedish: Ii-haa! (?)
American English: Hee-haw!
French: Hi-han!
Spanish: Hi-ha! ("hee-hah")
Portuguese: Hi-hó!
Finnish: Ii-haa!


Swedish: Kväk!
American English: Ribbit!
French: Côa!
Spanish: Croac-croac! ("croack-croack")
Japanese: Kero-kero
Finnish: Kurrr!


Swedish: Krax!
American English: Caw!
French: Crôa!
Spanish: Ha Ha!
Finnish: Kraak!


Swedish: Bzzzzzz! (Or bumblebee)
French: Bzzzzzzt!
Spanish: Bzzzzzt! ("bzszszszszt")
Portuguese: Bzzzzzzz!
Finnish: Bzzz!


Swedish: Bla bla...
American English: Blah blah...
French: Bla bla bla...
Spanish: Bla bla bla cagoentó bla bla. Sometimes Ta tata
Portuguese: bla bla bla bla olá, eu sou a Inês, bla bla bla bla :D
Finnish: Blää blää blää or lässyn lässyn

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2004-08-18 [Yoruno]: Whee! I like this page! Specially `cause I´ve always been curious about the foreign onomatopoeias...

2004-08-18 [Yoruno]: May I add some? ^_^

2004-08-20 [Hedda]: Of course! That is the idea!

2004-08-21 [Yoruno]: *grin* I´ve added a few...

2005-03-26 [Shyest]: I've added a couple things. :) This is fun!

2006-02-25 [duckofdoom]: this is hilarious!!!

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