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      Welcome to the wiki for anyone who is intrigued by the desert sands, awed by the pyramids, or knows the name of more than three Pharaohs.

      Ancient Egypt. Land of mystery and magic. Land of sacred gods and birthright. Land of the Pharaohs.

      Ancient Egypt is a land full of wonder which is still being discovered today. The people of this land were intelligent, complex beings, who understood things that are today lost and gone.

      Ancient Egypt has become one of the most interesting communities and cultures anyone has ever uncovered and researched. Here, you can learn more and talk to others who love the mystery and the knowledge of Ancient Egyptians and their lives. Welcome to Ancient Egypt Lovers. (intro by [Idono Texist])

      If you wanna know even more about this wonderful culture, click on the links below.

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The Banners


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The Book of the dead


Daily Life in Ancient Egypt





The Great Pyramid


The Pyramid builders at Giza

The Sphinx



God Horus



Traveling Tut Exhibit








God Anubis



Tips for Tourists


Fiction of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Lovers Fan Art


Egyptian Gods



Founder : [Mohazy]

Current owners:[Carol Lynn] [Serkha] [DarkJenni] [GriffinDWolf] and [Your Little Vampyre]

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[GriffinDWolf]: lol yeah that would be great fun to have up there

[Mohazy]: haha how can i refuse a request from a cutie like u?

[Carol Lynn]: ha ha well I am all yours habiby, so yay ha ha i can put it up than...when i finish it that is. ana bahebac mohazy

[Mohazy]: hey, how is everyone going?

[GriffinDWolf]: umm tired and stressed but that is school

[Mohazy]: yes, well its my last year in that shit, i am a senior in uni now

[citrus_cissi]: I'm sooo happy that I have a short holiday from school... it's really getting boring!

[Mohazy]: woow lucky u, i also have a holiday, but i have exams after it

[GriffinDWolf]: lol I'm a freshman in college and 5 years to go of it

[Mohazy]: :D believe me they will pass so quickly

[citrus_cissi]: I have 2 years left in school...-_-

[Mohazy]: u havent decided what what u will study?

[citrus_cissi]: Nope! Right now I'm going on a animation school, but i don't know what i want to do after that!

[GriffinDWolf]: well you have plenty of time to decide

[citrus_cissi]: Yeah... I'm happy about that!!^^

[GriffinDWolf]: lol

[Dark_Empress]: Hello do you mind if i join?

[Mohazy]: of course not, u r more than welcomed here

[citrus_cissi]: welcome Dark_Empress!! 83

[Not Here!]: Well I have been gone from ET for a long time but I’m back now. I hope someone remembers me.

[Imperator]: Hey, I discovered this wiki (duh) and was wondering if you guys have ever considered creating a version for the Elftown Academy. The information is really good and this would make an excellent classroom.

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