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Amantia walked the path to the beach
A salty breeze brushed her face
Grainy sand beneath her feet

Amantia walked the beach
With tears in her heart
Emotions raging like the sea she walked beside

Amantia stood with water lapping her feet
Crying her anguish to the sea
Hearts breaking like the shattered glass

Amantia love lost
A broken rose
Still beautiful

Amantia tears turn cold
She wipes them away
Stares across the raging sea

Amantia sighs
Hearts still broken
But a new love reveals itself

Amantia sought solace in the sea
The sea that raged like her emotions
Bruised from the oncoming storm

Amantia joined her new love
Wrapping herself in it's watery embrace
Amantia sighs and smiles

Amantia is in her lovers grasp
Forever more

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2007-07-19 [SlightlySpiked]: i love it!!!!!!!!!!it is really good.

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