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Welcome to Ai Flats at wiki!

WARNING: This Rp is not for the faint of heart. This is an Rp of a...we'll say... of a improper nature. If you catch my drift. So if you don't want to play *wink* then don't play. Understood? Good.^^

General Idea: OKay. So here is what I had in mind. Ai Flats is an apartment complex in some other big city. Anyone who joins this Rp must live in said complex. You can pick your apartment number...hell, you can be the damn manager if you want to.^^ You can also have a roomie. If fact I implore you to have one. If anyone knows what ai means you know why. This is a very sexual rp so....have fun! ^^


OK. Hott info is what gets your character kinky. It can also include turn off. None of it really has to be your info. It can be a fake as florescent lighting, but I thought it would make things more interesting.^^

Flat Number/Roommate:
Hott Info:

Name: Aki
Age: Just turned 21
Flat Number/Roommate: 126/
Story: She moved to Ai Flats when she was 18. Her mother was a drunk and her father...well, lets not go there. Now that she's 21 she lookin' for a little fun and a little love to go with her freedom.
Hott Info: She loves playing with both sexes but she prefers women. Her spots include neck, breasts, wrists. She hates when people mess with her feet.
Description:She has long purple and black hair and bright purple eyes. She has pale skin with a tattoo of a moon fairy on her wrist. She also has wings tattooed to her back. She has snake bites and a tongue ring. You can only imagine the clothing.*wink*
Owner:[Wish Fix]

Name: Jutan
Age: 22
Flat Number/Roommate: 129
Story: He moved to the city from the southern mountains. His family disowned him because he decorated his body with tattoos and piercings. Now he's looking for someone to comfort his pain and also to release his bottled-up urges with.
Hott Info: He fancies both sexes, but prefers guys over girls. His spots are his throat, sides, and his back. What turns him off are when people become arrogant and snobby.

Name:Eddie Stillwater(Pronounced EeDee)
Flat Number/Roommate:218
Story: Grew up raising a family of nine. Her parents were never there for them. She was working by 13- she looked enough like her mother that she was able to use her photo I.D., etc. When she turned 19 she finally moved out of her family's house, deciding that she'd had enough, and moved into the flats. She's looking forward to finally being able to open up and have a little fun.
Hott Info: She's into both sexes, and seems equal in her desire for both. Her spots are her neck, collarbone, and breasts. Her turn-offs are ignorance (crude people) and her feet.
Description: Eddie has shoulder length strawberry blond hair that curls delicately about her petit but pretty face. She has odd colored eyes that she's been forced to cover with color contacts from a very young age. The true color of her eyes is a delicate violet, and her color contacts are a jade green. She has a light spray of freckles across her cheeks and nose, and along her shoulder blades. Eddie has the Japanese kanji symbol for ‘love’ tattooed on the curve of her neck. She has three sets of piercings in both ears and has also pierced her lower lip on either end.
Owner: [Ravendust] (Yes, I fucked with the formatting of the setup ><;; I'm a fucking perfectionist with some things, so sue me.^^;;)

Name: Aiden
Age: appears 22
Flat Number/Roommate: 121
Story: She has lived in the flats since she was 16. Her drunk father kicked her out because she had begun refusing to be a sex slave. Now a student of the local university she is working as a sutdent teacher in the history department.
Hott Info: She loves playing..period. She has no sexual preferance, but likes both. She has a habit of using chain, handcuffs, and leather bindings to play with people. Though she doen't always like to be the dominatrix. She likes it rough, soft, and always sentual. Depending on her mood. Her moods change rapidly. Her spots include her lower back, the hollow of her neck, and her brests. She doesn't like for people to play with her feet or her ears.
Description: She is short, 5'1". With blond hair and an emo cut. Her eyes are an intense green and she has many tattoos, her favorite is the dragon on her back right over her most powerfull kinky spot. She has piercings one in her lip on in her belly button and many on her ears. her clothes are generally leather, lace, silk, and mesh. She has no problem bareing any part of herself that she knows of, thirteen years as a selloff sex slave does that to a person. She has a mysterious air about her and lives to torture people. She lives to be kinky and generally people enjoy it, and that's just the way she likes it. Aiden is a vampire, but not exactly light sensative, she loves blood, but only takes when she's allowed. Has a talent for magick and things.
Owner: [Ryu-tenshi]

Name: Lord of Darkness and Aki's closet, Zain Asher
Age: 1,000+ (appears about 23)
Flat Number/Roomate: Aki's closet and the basement/ her batty minion Javar.
Story: She has a terrible past that she would rather not talk about. She's a very friendly person, and will warm up to another quickly after she has had sometime to adjust to the change. She's looking for happiness, even if it is fleeting, and even a never ending goal. Also, she's gender confused.
Hott Info: She loves wearing leather, capes, and frilly shirts, with all those sexy ruffles. She's very playful and a big tease. Her only no no is her knees. She enjoys both genders, though she's very shy around girls. Also she owns her own club called Guilty Pleasures just off of 5th.
Description: She’s 5’9” when she’s not wearing boots. She has hair that goes slightly beyond her shoulders; it is a dark blood red. Her eyes are a midnight blue, but turn a bitter ice blue when she exerting a great amount of power. She has the powers of most vampires which are to mess with human’s thoughts, incredible strength, speed, and grace. Her uncommon power is the powers of an incubus. This mostly consists of the ability to feed herself through sex as well as through blood. She is not immune to sun light so she sleeps during the day in the safety of the basement. She is usually seen in black and white with the occasional red or blue. And yes she is a vampire. Not much for interaction with her own kind though. (This has to do with her past)
Owner: [Black Light Cannon D]

Flat Number/Roommate:125
Story: After telling his father that he also prefered men at the age of 17 he left home broken. Now that he's been out in the openess of the city he's grown to like him self and love the night life. Right now he's looking for fun, a little love, and aventure.
Hott Info: Neck and thighs. Sweet and simple. As much as he acts he's likes it ruff he would rather have slow sensual sex compared to wham bam thank you ^^ He doesn't like it when people don't stretch him or when they play with his belly buttin.
Description: Yume is a pale little emo boy. With snake bites and a red dragon tattoo he tries so be a tough guy, But he's very effeminate and petette. He has blond and silver hair with black lowlights and crystal blue eyes. They turn stomy gray when aroused and dark blue when made.Has a talent for a telpathy and moving things.

Name: Myra Stephens
Age: 21
Flat Number/Roommate:123
Story: Myra's been on her own since she was 16 when both of her parents were killed in a drive by shooting. She moved to Ai Flats to get away from the memories that haunted her. She couldn't stand staying in the home where she had know such happiness. Well, it's been five years since her parent's murder and she's starting to break out of her shell. She's growing bold. Really bold. And she's looking for someone just as daring to share her new found passions with.
Hott Info: Myra likes handcuffs. She's a little rough sometimes but defintely has a romantic side. She loves guys with beautiful eyes and hair she can run her fingers through. A few piercings don't hurt either. She likes things slow. Rough occasionally, but slow. She prefers to follow but will sometimes take the role of dominatrix. As somewhat of a masochist she likes to be bitten gently, especially her neck and ears. If you know how to use your hands gently, in light feathery touches you could get almost anything from her. Her turn offs are when a guy is too rough, taking it past that fine line between okay and a turn off and when the person is rude or completely self absorbed. She's also not much of a fan of anal.
Description Myra seems like your average little hardcore chick. She wears the tight skinny leg jeans and patterned shirts. She defintely has a collection of hoodies. Her hair is choppy and falls just past her shoulders in the longest layer and fades from hot pink to a deep black. Silver streaks are scattered throughout. Her eyes are a startling emerald green and shine like stars whenever she's feeling mischevious. *wink* Her skin is fair, almost incandecent in certain lights and sports three tattoos, a breast cancer ribbon on her left hand below the thumb because her Aunt died from breast cancer, fairy wings on the back of her neck in her signature color, hot pink, and lyrics from her favorite song on her wrists. She has six different piercings, three in each ear, a monroe and snakebites. Though you would expect her to go all out, she keeps her makeup simple. Just powder, eyeliner and mascara, unless she's dressing up, then eyeshadow is involved. She's think but not skinnyh and is about 5'3" height wise. She doesn't smile as often as she used to but when she does it lights up her whole face. Over all she's a very pretty girl. Her face is oval shaped and her cheek bones are high. She blushes easily when she's around someone new and is really quite until you get to know her. Then she's comfortable in any situation you put her in.
Owner: [.Anti-Juliet.]

Name: Rogue
Age: 22
Flat Number/Roommate: 121
Story: I moved out of my parents house to go to college when I was 19 and meet my current roomie in class one day and we hit it off pretty well. We started to hang out alot and decided to move in together and as time went by we became more then just friends *winks* We then decided to move here to have more space and freedom to do what we want.
Hott Info: She likes to be bitten on her neck, chest, thighs, hips, and back. She hates to be teased and then just being left that way.
Owner: [Bright Eyed Rogue]

Name: Dani (originally Danny)
  Age: 22
  Flat Number/Roommate: 216
  Story: Dani loves to mix it up, so when she was born... a he, she wanted to be different than she was, and lives like a girl now, defying expectations. Needless to say, a bisexual transvestite does not fit in well in a small town, and it was necessary to move to a place where she would be better accepted. She moved into AI Flats after following a gorgeous young woman to those doors. For work, she's writing an erotic novel, based on her own sexual exploits.
  Hott Info: She prefers girls, but can enjoy the company of a man, when it pleases her to do so. Just for those curious, she usually makes love like a woman; she rarely likes to remember she is still anatomically, a man. The saying: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me. So throw me down and tie me up and in every way delight me." is exactly her outlook on life, her sexual life that is. She likes to surprise though, candles and bubble baths with silken sheets, then the next night a whip and furry handcuffs. Her pleasure spots are the palms of her hands and the line of her hips, but she is very ticklish, so sometimes she avoids being touched to keep from ruining the mood. She loves to touch though, hips, breasts, ass, the neck and jaw; pretty much, if she likes you, she wants to touch you, all over, all the time...
  Description: Quite tall and thin, she is extremely leggy, and her whole body is perfectly toned and flat. She is naturally tan with white-blonde hair, streaked with bright fuchsia and sky-blue to brilliantly set off her deep indigo eyes. In the way of body art, her only tattoo is a miniature pair of fairy wings on her right shoulder blade; she has snakebites, an industrial on her right, then a strange assortment of gauges and hoops and studs along the rest of both her ears. She loves silk and leather, fishnets and lace in abundance. She wears rave candy jewelry or opera pearls, velvet smoking jacket or biker leather, spiked collars or glittering tiaras, and an amazing array of shoes. As one would figure, she likes the marriage of modern and renaissance, as in tight leather pants and a ruffle shirt, Catholic school girl skirt and corset with a black lace veil, fishnets and frock coat, etc.
  Owner: [Whimsical Me.]

Let's go everyone!

Apartment 1 *Re-Take*

The first Take

Apartment 1

Username (or number or email):


2007-12-05 [Ryu-tenshi]: I agree with Davi...they try to make us broke, before we make ourselves broke at college

2007-12-05 [Ravendust]: I never got to get my senior pictures/yearbook e.e

2007-12-05 [Black Light Cannon D]: it's nothing all that great. just proof you were there. i'm taking lots of photos with my camera and that'll be the proof of who I really was in high school.

2007-12-05 [Ryu-tenshi]: I've had my senior pics taken and I'm not gettinga yearbook, I'm not a very cheerful person in high school, they'll all just forget em anyways...

2007-12-05 [Black Light Cannon D]: i don't even know if I'll be in the yearbook. I'm just getting them because it'll be something to look back on.

2007-12-05 [Ryu-tenshi]: ahh..yeah...that too

2007-12-05 [Black Light Cannon D]: my dad looked like a weasly twin from harry potter when he was my age. he was a demon though. he was on the wrestling team and beat guys twice his size, and he was a small fellow, smaller than I am!

2007-12-05 [Ryu-tenshi]: sounds like a name to make for yourself..

2007-12-05 [Black Light Cannon D]: it was a small high school in the town of Bangor, WI. bet you have no idea where that is do you?

2007-12-05 [Ryu-tenshi]: uh...only if you know where Waynesburg,PA is...

2007-12-05 [Ravendust]: lol, I was gonna answer something along those lines, Ryu *giggles*

2007-12-05 [Black Light Cannon D]: middle of nowhere small town with less than 300 people

2007-12-05 [Ryu-tenshi]: kind of...

2007-12-05 [Black Light Cannon D]: yeah that's Bangor

2007-12-05 [Ryu-tenshi]: ok...

2010-02-08 [Rook.]: Hey guys, is this place still open?

2010-02-09 [Ravendust]: Hasn't been active in quite some time

2010-02-09 [Rook.]: Ahh... so it would not be a wise endeavor to create a character here, would it? xD

2010-02-10 [Ravendust]: probably not xD there'd be no interactions.

2010-02-10 [Rook.]: xD lol shame.

Well, thank you anyway, and if this place decides to suddenly become alive, let me know, and I'll join in a heartbeat :3

2010-02-10 [Ravendust]: will do :)

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