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2008-05-24 23:25:09
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*Sakura-chan*'s Drawings!!


1.) Yami my ninja

2.) Haruko {FLCL}

3.) Older Yami


5.) Naruto!

Also go to *Sakura-chan*'s chibi drawings for cuteness!

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2008-01-21 [*Sakura-chan*]: can i get a WHOOT WHOOT!!

2008-03-05 [Surimia]: sakura has no eyebrows...LOL! LOVE!

2008-03-06 [*Sakura-chan*]: OH LOL my bad is thati forgot to put them darker XD

2008-03-06 [Natuka]: XD she always forgets the eyebrows

2008-03-06 [*Sakura-chan*]: i know lolz

2008-03-14 [Ninjafoo5]: how bout you call your band the JAKS

2008-03-15 [*Sakura-chan*]: hmmmmmm maybe yeah

2008-03-26 [Surimia]: everyone is naruto thinks no eyebrows are cool in the original japanese...

2008-04-06 [*Sakura-chan*]: oh really? weird well gara doesn't have eyebrows

2008-05-24 [*Sakura-chan*]: new ones!!!

2008-08-04 [*Phoenix*]: really nice! I love #4!!! Good job and keep up the good work!

2008-08-07 [*Sakura-chan*]: thanx

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