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*Phoenix* Contest Art

Also includes other contests.
Poems entered for the Daily Poem will be at April's Poems.

Winning Entries


"Don't let the cat out of the bag!"

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"3, 2, 1...Happy New Years!"
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"Life" (104 words)
Tap. Tap. Tap. Crack. The crack grew wider and wider until, finally, the egg crashed open into many pieces. The tiny dragon squinted in the new world and bright light. She shook some shell off her head and began to gingerly crawl out of the shell. Her pretty blue scales and gold underbelly shined in the sun that filtered its way through the trees to the forest below. The baby dragon stretched its wings full out and twisted its head to stare at them. She shook off the slime and took off and flew up through the trees into a life of glorious dragons.
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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words
Oooohhh. Why is she thinking of someone else
while holding the hand of a different guy?
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Lazy like a Dog.
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n. 1. having to do with or like conversation; conversational 2. designating or of the words, phrases, and idioms characteristic of informal speech and writing 3. a colloquial word or expression.

"Let sleeping dogs lie."
"Don't let the cat out of the bag!"
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A beautiful rose,
With petals of sunset red,
Pierces the red heart.

Shooting stars don't scream
While falling, but God hears them.
Beautiful stars shine.

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A "dragon" Fly! A cross between a dragon and and a butterfly!


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This is my character. I just started drawing one night...

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"Get out of my room or i will sic my pet dragon on you!"(my friend came up with that ^_^ Thanks Troy!!)
(sorry it's fuzzy. i had to take a picture of it with my digital camera!)

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Believing Puppy

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Keyword: Comfort

'Problem at the Picnic'
Keyword: Imperfection

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Dragons are Irish, too!
Dragon and items (c) Super Poke Pets. Habitat designed by [*Phoenix*]

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10 Days of Photography - *Phoenix*
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