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Morning After

Sun hits my face
I wake with grace
By my side is your place
In your arms I am warm
This is where love is born
You look at me and I smile
Let's stay like this for a while


A deep wind in my soul, I’m so cold
The ice I hide, so deep inside
Holds me shivering
Calling your name
Melt this wall, do it all
Break this cage, my self restraint
Your warmth, your fury
Fire in all its glory
I feel myself warming

A blush, a flush
An innocent smile
Something I haven’t done in a while
I see you through a window of water
This is where I finally falter.
Your purple wings made me shudder
My love and lust, My wings they flutter

I’m free, So free
To see your rustic beauty
Show me the outside world
Give me the gleaming tour
The passion you gave me
A gift I adore

Some Hearts

Some hearts don’t understand
The meaning of love
It’s sharable, multiple

Some hearts don’t understand
The saying ‘love is blind’
Because if that’s the case
Who I am is not
A crime

Some hearts don’t understand
That I am human too, and
That I have a heart, a soul
I can hurt as much
As you

My Broken Angel

Forgive me angel, let me fix your wings.
I'll hold you up so you can fly again.
Rest your eyes and your heart on me.
I'll help you live and love again.

Let me take you pain, alleviate you shoulders.
That weight is not for you to carry alone.
He hurt you and caused you pain but,
Here I am to bring you home to me.

The warmth in my arms and soul are
for you and only you on this day.
And when you need me don't you fret.
Keep your tears at bay. Baby boy I'm here to stay.

Pain is Passion

Fuck me like you want to hurt me
Take me with no hesitation
I love pain so I'll play the game
I am your slave so use me

Marks are a must, more than a touch
Even if I blush I lust
No matter how much you give I'll beg "More"
Damn, I'm such a whore

I'll hiss, I'll mew, I'll scratch
I'm your kitty cat
Choke me, hurt me, and make me beg
I'll take this anyday

Always remember what you do to me
One day I'll say,
"Tonight you're my little bitch."
You'll be wanting more

Crystal Kisses

I sit here on a park bench
Watching the sun go down
Silver little flakes fall to the ground

Tiny snow petals like whispers
Fall upon my smiling lips
Cold and shiny crystal kisses
Perfect little angel wishes

The snow turns from white to sunset
As the sun hugs the horizen
I wonder who else is recieving
Little angel crystal kisses in the snow

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