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Valentine Poetry

Here are the winners of this year's Valentine Poetry Competition! Congratulations. <img:img/mood/44166_1164099989.gif>


Love is caring.
Love is sharing.
Love is lasting,
Ever bearing.
Love is warm.
Love is true.
Love is laughter,
When I'm with you!
Love is You!
Love is Me!
Love is beauty.
Lovers see.
Love is rich.
Love is gain.
Love is kissing
In the rain.
Love is wonder.
Love is found.
Love is felt,
When you're around.
Love is joy.
Love is peace.
Loving you,
Will never cease.
Love is tender.
Love is more.
Love is you,
I've been looking for!

Hold me love.
Hold me close.
Never let me go.
I've been waiting
For you so long,
You're the one, I know!

Written by [Artsieladie]

The Wind told me, whispering in my ear..

I've fallen for you
From the high skies,
To down below

I like this feeling
I like the way you look at me
I want to hold you
Again and again

Just to know, what it really feels like
To be loved, once again.

Because dearest, sweet boy
You're that close..
To capture my soul.

Written by [someelf]

My Portly Lover

I love you now
My portly lover,
Even if your waist is high.

You make my day
Like no other
Atop the clouds we can fly.

My changing heart
Falters beat by beat
As we embrace and kiss.

Make my day
And make it sweet
Like no other bliss.

Written by [Olwen]

The Backstabbing of Cupid

I dawdled down the street one day,
Living in my world of grey,
And dreary shades, and muted tones,
With shapeless voices from mobile phones.

Then, behind, a thunderous crack;
Monstrous stabbing in my back,
And shrieking laughter met my ear:
“Enjoy the rest of your life, my dear!”

Convinced I surely must be slain,
I lay doubled up in pain,
Then drew the arrow from my skin,
Which had made that chubby archer grin.

The tip bore traces of my blood,
“Alas!” I cried, “’Tis not good!”
Before my eyes the world did swim,
To the ground I clung, with every limb.

Then all at once the world stopped dead,
I was able to raise my head,
And found, at once, to my surprise,
The world had transformed before my eyes!

Instead my world of dreary grey,
Became bright and clear and gay:
All was tinted with shades of rose,
And speckled with reds and pinks and mauve.

Yet ‘twas not the sun that flashed most clear,
Nor the water I could hear,
But far off shone a figure bright,
Illuminated in purest white.

Before me was where he soon stood;
Through his eyes, his soul shone good.
Tenderly, my lips he did kiss.
Now, I’m glad the arrow did not miss.

Written by [End of Eternity]


ahhhh when she loves me
my soul sings so loud
the angels all go quiet
ahhhh when she holds me
no words need flow
all time passes away
into the hush
of eternity
ahhhh I am
her property
for eternity
in her I trust
in her I lust
in her is the
quiet vision of waking bliss
of all that can be holy
ahhhh I love her
and no other

Written by [Merlin Mab]

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