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Valentine Poetry Competition 2006 - Winners!

Yes, the winners have been finally chosen!
Congratulations to the winners and thank you for everyone who entered!

Enjoy the poems. :)

"Curse of the Rose"

True love it bends, with awesome power,
By the rose itself, a magical flower.

No Witch can match its beauty and grace,
A touch on the lips, and hooked by taste,
For the rose creates a potion strong,
In love you’ll fall, forever long.

A gift from him to her you’ll see,
A single rose, yes, must be,
For symbol of love it is for you,
But you do not know what the rose can do…

Now creatures of all have gone to war,
To fight for maidens of whom they saw,
Elves and Goblins, a chivalrous knight,
All end in tragedy on their plight.

Why? you ask, And answers you seek,
Well the answer is one of some bleak:
True love it bends, with awesome power,
By the rose itself, a cursethed flower.

Written by [I stabbith ye]

"Drink You Pretty"

I had a few drinks
And walked up to you
I was so glad to see
You had been drinking too
We drank a bottle of whiskey together
I said I'd stay with you forever
But then the next morning
When my vision was clear
I swore I'd never drink another beer

Written by [Cookieholic]


They tell a tale of a maid that sits on a rock
As her song calls mournfully o’er the sea
Calling out, calling out
Calling out to me.

She sings of her love that sailed away
Sailed away o’er the greying sea.

O Donald, Donald will you not be coming back for me?

For many years did he sail and many years was he gone
Chasing dreams and treasure o’er the sea.

O Donald, will you not bring back some trinket for me?

Till one day he returned, but find his love he could not
Though he searched from sea to sea
Searching, searching ev’where for her.

Then he sat alone at the place where they had parted
Staring out to sea
Hoping, hoping to find her.
Then he saw a rock that looked like a woman watching o’er the grey sea.

O my love, you were waiting too long for me.

She was one with the rock on which she sat
Always waiting now by the sea.

But my love, my love, I did come back for thee.

Written by [mesaana]

"My Valentine Forever"

Every year about this time, we'd walk down memory lane.
For each year we'd made new ones, but this year is not the same.
Another year's gone by, 'tis true. Soon it will be spring.
This year will be different, though, for I'm missing what you bring.
The long summer nights, we've cherished every one.
We'd walk. We'd talk by many a setting sun.
Wishful thoughts we'd ponder,
Golden dreams of wonder.
We were living some.
Others, yet, to come.

Christmas joy again we shared, for then we didn't know,
What was coming forth upon us besides the winter snow.
Our new year came in, like so many times before.
We made our resolutions, but this year maybe more.

We lived our lives in love each day ready to embark.
Perhaps, it's best to relish the light while walking in the dark.
For, if we had known, what was in our path ahead,
We might have lived our lives consumed by the shadow of such dread.

Although alone, now, your love comes from afar,
My Valentine I miss you as I look upon your star.
Our memories warm my heart, ward off any chill.
As your smile I envision, your love is with me still.
Soon I'll be beside you, our eternal love entwine.
Together we shall be, my forever Valentine.

Written by [Artsieladie]

"A Wizard's Failing"

Looking frantically
through the smothering cold,
The creature clung tight
to the heart he sold.

All he ever wanted
was someone to hug,
someone other than
his shaggy old rug.

How would he know,
with powers abused,
that he would summon one
so utterly confused.

She wanted everything,
from his house to his shoe;
she wanted everything
from a ring to a zoo.

He tried everything
to be rid of her,
but to no avail,
she refused to stir.

He learned a lesson
ever so true:
Falling in love
is not like cooking stew.

Written by [spiritee]

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