9290) If Squaresoft remade Final Fantasy VII, changing nothing but some sounds and upgrading the graphics, and selling it as a brand new game ($50, approx.) for the PS2, would you buy it?

Number of voters: 243
* a) YES!!!!!!!!!!
Number of votes: 75 (31%)
* b) YES!!!!!!!!!! Go Cloud!
Number of votes: 15 (6%)
* c) YES!!!!!!!!!! Go Sephiroth!
Number of votes: 12 (5%)
* d) NEVER!!!!!!!!
Number of votes: 8 (3%)
* e) Yes
Number of votes: 6 (2%)
* f) No
Number of votes: 49 (20%)
* g) Maybe
Number of votes: 33 (14%)
* h) Final Fantasy VII? What's that? (only if you really don't know)
Number of votes: 45 (19%)

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