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Name: Nikki




Mr Flibble says: Hello.
He also warns that everything below is rather old, as I no longer come on here very often.
Oh well.

Here's some random stuff about me, just for the hell of it:
~I'm an Aussie, and damn proud of it.
~I'm a bit random.
~I have a degree in photography. I've been shooting for a local music website for 2yrs now.
~I am addicted to live music.
~I am addicted to music in general. I love my 1977 stereo system, and my record collection. I LOVE my local music scene, and I go to every gig and music festival I can get to free... which is a lot.
~I'm a big Firefly fan. Last year I ran my first Can't Stop The Serenity, and it was joyous.
~I love the Steampunk philosophy and aesthetic.
~I love Victorian design/styling in general..
~..Particularly corsets.
~My Dad is the most awesome person in the universe. Try to prove me wrong, I bet you can't.
~I am rather a fan of Jules Verne (the few books I have managed to track down), and a reasonable amount of latter 19th/early 20th century literature in general (though again, I've not read a huge amount of it).
~I cbf thinking of many particularly interesting things to share. If you want to know any more about me, say hi. I'm not on here often, but so long as you aren't terribly offensive, I'm most like to reply eventually.


Style: The ability to lean up against a lamp post and make it look as though you're doing it a favour.

**If you are going to message me, please write such that I can understand. I can deal with accidental misspellings and some abbreviation, but correct grammar is not that hard!!! If I can't understand what you're trying to say, I'm not going to bother replying**
You have been forewarned =)

V53 random pics

Age: 21Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 10

Gender: female
Elftownworldmap 31°34.800'S 115°29.400'E

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: Gloucestershire

Home-page URL:

Computer interests
information seekingmusic

heavy metalhip hoppop
progressive metalpunkrap

Other interests
travellingwatching sport

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Height: 170

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