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Seven (Years apart. Now returned.)

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Name: Isaac Choplosky


Navys best uniform. 


True colors in a cold life.

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Travelling bard

If winds could have a face, this is how I seem. Eyes of bitter blue and hair of sunlight fair. Running tones of swiftness with a simple, careless glare. As if the moon could shine within a smile. With tender love and the heart of a child. Set still and calm, still remaining wild. A dream I dream but never wake, my only beauty rests in the whispers that I make. 

As the wind, so am I. 

If you ask of me, I will write for you. All I ask in return is that you give me time.  I do have more so called "works" in my diary. Please feel free to read them if you wish.

Here are descriptions I have made for people that asked. If you are interested, I will make one for you too.

[Sammi MoonDancer]: Before these times I stand with no care of earthly things. Cast across the forests deep I roam in search of peaceful sleep. Under foot the path less traveled. In the air a fear more common. For now I stand alone. Yet there is no life without the hunt. In a pack perhaps for some but for me to each his own. I am as fair as fires ash risen from the flame. The endless spirit that none will ever tame.....
As the wolf. So am I

[Evil Faerie Feline]: Adrift in this cold and empty place I’ve made, I could care less what you might think. I know my ways would shock and change the things that you might know. But time is nothing as death will show. In black I wait for the void, dark night. I am the one that should bring death to light. Forgotten as I always have been. Conformed I will never be. Yet again your turn your back and refuse my spirit free…..
As the Shadows. So am I.

[Lycaon pictus]: Open plains with the sky so free. As swift as the wind over these fields I was born to be. Never taken by storm I am guided. I look to the stars to hear that silent whisper of one lone wolf, singing over to all that will listen undecided. Yet alone I dare not ride. For by me soars my eternal companion, in spirit by side. In times both good and bad this eagle and I will never lose stride. 
As the Appaloosa. so am I.

[Devil Doll]: Like open arms I hold the land in absence of the lights warm span. Part of every shadow, filling every empty space. In the world I am cold and at least once in every place. Alone but not forgotten. Seen but never known. A mist I could encompass and it would never show. Kept alive in dreams and hearts. This is where my reality must start. 
As the darkness, so am I.

  Inside my walls of steal in silent darkness I serve. To keep the deep. To give what I must. Meny have died doing the same and never will I let them be forgoten. For now my home is open seas and phathoms holds, cold and alone. 

   Battles set stage for a war that will rage in a world unseen by eyes. Meny souls will be torn as the winds of winter, ever so bitter, will scorn. Darkness in day from the smoke of corruprtion and the night will be light with the flames of destruction. At best the termoil brings rest to the dead and the death of the true heros dream. A bleeding call of men who die and fall atone for their sins most greavis of all. I say ye seek the weapon that serves you. I pray thee know thy armament true. When alas it is time that you must join in the fight, I will be there in battle with you.

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 "Blue Monday" by Orgy
pleaes note they are awsome in concert

Age: 33Year of birth: 1983Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 26

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 20°43.164'N 157°34.722'W

Place of living: USA-Hawaii

Town: Pearl Harbor

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Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

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web design

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Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 183

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