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The animations on this member's page are okay for her to have up because she made them herself. If you MAKE your own animations, you are allowed to display them. =o)

~Vash~ (<img:img/mood/84290_1163431434.gif>)

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Name: Sarah McNulty AKA Vash the Stampede


Ph33r teh Kuro!! X3


99 Red Luft Baloons.

xD Birthday pic from me to me..

Elftown Badges:
This means I'm one of the EG Artists

Elftown titles and orders
Town DrunkAdventurer

I am the Official Unofficial Anime Consultant

This certifies that I am indeed the official Outlaw of Elftown , appointed by the headguard.
(Because it seems I can elude some traditional Elftown laws by only bearly skimming by. ;)
Actually, yes I am a girl. But as you may well speculate, I am obsessed with Trigun; mainly Vash because he is MY Bishounen! MINE DAMNIT!! ;;growls at all other fangirls DARING them to take her on;; Mine...;;Calms down and snuggles her chibi Vash plushie;; Wuv yew Vash-San!
   ;;glances up at staring onlookers;; Oh..sorry...well..erm I am a member of both Fanquarter and SF&F art. I mainly deal in anime-style assorted creatures, and one can easilly guess what my Fan Art deals in. So feel free to look around or contact me! I am always open for rp, as well as casual chat via AIM or Yahoo.
Sarah's Loves <3:
-Bunnies (Especially her Binkles!!)
-Medeival Things
-Her Wacom Tablet
-Her Computer
-The Internet
-Making 3D things in SecondLife
Sarah's Things that Seriously Piss Her Off..:
-The fact that the heat in her car doesn't work.
-Narcissistic halfwits
-Animal Cruelty
  I'm not into bands. I listen to music -songs. I don't go insane for the band. I like the band, yes. But going crazy over them is not my thing...especially when they douse themselves in eyeshadow and put holes all over their bodies.. (And don't even get me started on gorilla music, aka. "Screamo"..)
o-o The only band I will freak out over is Sonata Arctica..
..and that is because their music is Godly-good. Not because they're some massively-popular pop-icon band.
Labels are jouvenile. Don't label yourself unless you really are something. Ie., I am Irish. I am also an Artist. These labels are different from "emo", "punk", "ska", "goth", etc. -LEGITIMATE- labels are provable. If you wear dark eyeshadow, bright pink eyeliner, black-and-white striped socks, and stuff your head in a hoodie all the time, you are not "emo." You are just strange, (Albeit a wee bit conformist and wanabe..) aka, you are YOU.
Anime and manga is art. Disagree? TRY it and see how it turns out. Contrary to popular beleif, TRUE manga and anime is EXTREAMLY hard to acheive. It takes lots of hard work, practice, and dedication. What has poisoned the world's mind into thinking otherwise..? The anime culture is EXTREAMLY strong and popular. Hence, everyone at some point attempts to draw their favourite character. (Or worse yet, themselves in anime form..) The result? A bunch of BULLSHIT that they dare to call "anime". Ergo, it is passed on as so, and the impression that "it's easy, cookie-cutter, anyone can draw it" is developed.
-Triangle-shaped heads and less-than/ greater-than signs are NOT heads and noses..
-Eyes are not upside-down "U"s.
-Think you drew anime? You probably didn't..

Oh! And before I forget...
Vash's Grammar Lessons for those of you who prefer chatspeak.. >.<;;
    Well, I have a poll. Take it! ^^ And join meh wikis!
Tired of being harassed by assholes?

Get ~Vash~ Protection!

^_~ But of course it's my wiki.=3
Trigun Maximum
=P Yup. This'n too.
Well...maybe this wiki doesn't quite apply to me anymore..:)
~Meh Art~
I'm not going to bother devoting an entire wikipage soley to my art, because it's all right here:
More of ~Vash~'s Wikis
GUARDS! Please note that this is MY image. Please do not accuse me of breaking the uploading art rules. If you have a beef about it, contact me -0R- you could just save your time and message [Lerune]. ((Yes, I am the scoundrel that stirred up the whole "animated images" deal.


XD I origionally had this with a flashing bright green and red background, but then I considered the posibilty of sending those with epilepsy into convulsions on the floor..0_o;;
((To be sung to the tune of!))


=P I LOVE to rp. It's so much more interesting than real life. XD
I normally (almost always..) rp as Vash the Stampede. (Duh..) But I can make exceptions, I suppose. =\ Just more expirienced (and passionate..) as Vash. =P

The Spinny Vash Page!


Meh Buddies

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[White Phoenix aka Ryoko]/ =3 Fellow Trigun-Otaku.
[Blaze the Nameless]/ fellow rp buddy.
[~Arus~]/ Another great roleplay friend.
[DarkSora31]/ Fellow Otaku.
[-everything you wish you were-]/ Oo GRAH!! My clone...XD
[I Want to Be Bella, And I Want My Edward]/ Fellow Otaku.
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[Half the lies you tell ain't true]/ friend.
[twitchboy]/ Roleplay friend.
[Wolfclan7]/ Vash buddeh.
[~Arus~]/ Really good rp friend.
[~Knives~]/ Oo...b-brother? XD



Hey [~Vash~],
[~Legato~] here. I just wanted you to know that I am always here for you. ALWAYS. ^-^ heh. And be happy that I <3 you so much..if we weren't such good friends....I'd want to kill you. ^.~


Bunny Lovers United
For the ones who love our Buns! =^-^=
(No not in that way, you perve! Jesus..)



Always lived my life alone,
Been searching for the place called home.
I know that I been cold as ice,
Ignored my dreams, too many lies.
Somewhere deep inside,
Somewhere deep inside me.
I found
The child I used to be.
And I know that it's not too late
Never too late...


.    ============________________________________||
.   |z  ------ z|       \___||||||||||||||___/     |
\ \ |z  ------ z|=================================H
.| | |z  ------ z|                       |
/ / ========== |________________________________|
_\ \/______|__________________________o/
\     __/((  ) )  
//    _/     
//   _/ 
/   _/
/   _/


[Guards, this ASCII image was created by myself. >3 Hehehe...more outlawish activity...

Age: 30Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 7

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Duck

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Florida

Town: Destin/ Fort Walton Beach

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartBasic
information seekingmusicvideo
web designWindows

new agerocksynth

Other interests
catschasing the preferred sexdogs
role playingscifislacking

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 168

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