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kitoky (// god has forbidden my to love // but i do)

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Name: You can call me...Kit. *insert evil cackle*


"Phan-Chan": Drawn July 29, 2005. Chibi Erik of Phantom of the Opera. :D Isn't it cute?
Paper: STARTER 10 1/2 in. x 8 in. Wide Ruled Notebook.
Pencil: 0.7 mm BIG Mechanical Pencil and 0.5 mm Pentel Mechanical Pencil
For more of Kit-chan's drawings go to Kit-chan's Drawings :D


"Chibi Christine": Drawn August 2, 2005. This is Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera is the most voted for in the PotOCS poll. I decided to have her more sad and angsty, since the whole storyline is really like that around her. My third installment of PotOCS.
Symbols: The violin represents her father, Gustave Daae, since he was a famous violinist. The wedding ring hanging off the violin handle represents Raoul's love. And the rose obviously represents the Phantom's presence in her life. She's in her Think of Me dress which I think is most pure to her as a person. Untainted by the Phantom, her father, or Raoul.
Paper: STARTER 10 1/2 in. x 8 in. Wide Ruled Notebook.
Pencil: 0.5 mm Pentel Mechanical Pencil
For more of Kit-chan's Drawings...Go to Kit-chan's Drawings

Elftown work
Building worker

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Please take a look at Inuyasha-ness

Yes, it's an Inuyasha RPG - and yes I know you're thinking 'well there's plenty of those damn things' but this one's different, I swear. It's made to make sense and not to be overridden with ridiculous Original Characters.

Wiki's I've joined:

Kitoky's World::FullMetal Alchemist::Full Metal Alchemist Fan Club::FullMetal Alchemist Fans Unite::Anime Obsessed::Demonic Forest::Age of the Shifters::Love and War::Talus' Tale::Anime Guild::Aspiring Manga Artistis::Bishounens and Bishies::D N Angel::Fruits Basket Fans::FullMetal Alchemist, Dog of the Military::Fushigi Yuugi Fans::Inuyasha RPG::Kati's Anime/Manga Lovers United::Mabudachi Trio Lovers::Neon Genesis Evangelion::Phantom::Rurouni Kenshin RPG::The Misadventures of Granny Kit-chan

About Me

Age You Act::16 and up
Current Location::Ohio
Eye Color::Brown
Hair Color::Dark Brown/Almost Black
Righty or Lefty:: Righty
Height::Really Short

Hair Length::A few inches past shoulders.
Fears::Spiders. They must die.
Perfect Room::Huge room - actually clean and a good soft bed...
What Do You Do in a Day::Sleep on the computer.

+What is/are...+
Words you overuse::Dude.
Phrases you overuse::"Like...dude!"
Your first thought when you wake up::Early...early must die...
Your greatest accomplishment::I went on a rollercoaster! XD
Most annoying thing people ask you::" 'Sup?"
Something you want to do::Live on my own.

+This or That+
McDonald's or Burger King::Burger Queen
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera::Excuse me?
Chocolate or Vanilla::Chocolate
Adidas or Nike::Who cares, they're shoes.
Black or White::Black
Bills or Coins::Bills
Burgers or Hot Dogs::Burgers
Egypt or France::...Gah I can't decide.
Rock or Rap::Neither - but J-rock

+Do you...+
Smoke::Hah, no I'm not stupid.
Cuss::For humorous purposes, or if I'm extremely mad.
Sing well::Depends on the song
Sing in the Shower::Of course
Talk to yourself --alot--::Yep.
Believe in yourself::Sure?
Like taking these longass surveys?::Depends
Play an instrument::Yeah, my mouth.
Want to go to college::Yesh.
Want to get married::Depends on the dude.
Want to have children::Who says I wanna get married?
Think you're a health freak::Not really.
Get along with your parents::Sure.
Get along with your siblings::Sure.

+In the past month have you...+
Gone out of state::Sadly, no.
Drank alcohol::No.
Get High::Um, no I'm not stupid.
Done any drugs::Again, not stupid.
Eaten and entire box of oreos::Nope.
Been on stage::Haha, no.
Gone skinny dipping::T.T
Been dumped::Never had a boyfriend
Dyed your hair::Nope.
Stolen anything::I don't think so...>.>

+Your friends+
Most Shy::[kendo]
Best Personality::[Kiko-Chan]
Most Talented::[jaderii]
Best Singer::[kendo]
Drama Queen::[Kiko-Chan]
The one you just want to strangle to death::[~Spirit Fox~]
Best Person for Advice::[kitoky]
Druggie::Most likely [Kiko-Chan]
Most likely to end up in jail::[Katisama]
Person you've known the longest::[Kiko-Chan]

+The Last....+
Last Dream::Really disturbing.
Last Nightmare::...really disturbing.
Car Ride::Yesterday
Last Time You Cried::When reading the newest chapter of "Caress of the Moonlight" by Krys Yuy
Last Movie Seen::Fantastic 4
Last Movie Rented:: National Treasure
Last Book Read::Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
Last Word Said::Dude
Last Curse Word you said::I dunno...
Last time you laughed::Yesterday
Last phone call::April
Last CD Played::H.A.T. Album
Last song you listened to::Taxi
Last Annoyance::[~Spirit Fox~]
Last IM::Grandpa Fujimiya/Fama/[ryuhitozuka]
Last weird encounter::Eh?
Last person you hugged::Jeremy Otis o.o;
Last person you yelled at::Colin Gunn
Last time you wore a skirt::.....Probably in my last lifetime
Last time you've been evil::I'm always evil.
Last time you wished upon a star::Wish? Stars? Y'all gotta get off that stuff.
Played Truth or Dare::Probably 5 years ago
Spent quality time alone::Right now

Are you talking to someone on AIM::No
Do you feel lonely::No
Ever Tp's someone's house:: No.
How about egging someone's house::Eggs are preccciiooouusss
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine?::...No.
Ever been so hungry you felt you could eat the person next to you?::...Yes
What do you think of George Bush::...You don't wanna know.
Any secret fetishes?::...Chicken!
Do you wear chains::I wish.
How many languages do you speak::Mainly 2
Are your fingers tired?::No. My back is though. Thanks for asking.

Note: If you are to message me to say hello, it can't be just "Hi, how r u?" and I reply "Peachy, you?" "Great." "Cool." If you're going to message me, come up with a topic, I shouldn't have to be the one trying to be nice and trying to talk to you since you are the one to message me first. If you do this, I will just ignore/delete it because it's simply a waste of my time.

Quote of the Day:
"There are three types of people - those who can count and those who can't."

My friends on elftown:
[Katisama] Aishiteru, Kati-chan! ^^ My favorite anime friend.
[The Prince of Vampires] Thanks for being my friend Lucifer! Even though I haven't met you in real life...^^;
[jaderii] You're so awesomely cool!!
[oniwolf] Meep, thanks for being my friend Oni-chan.
[KaiRei] My new friend!!! =^^=
[!Rammstein!] !! Meep out to you too!
[Shadow Reaper] rock on college guy!
[~Spirit Fox~] *squeals* Keita-chan finally got ooooooooneth!
[Balthizar] Ne, I really hope you don't get disconnected from the internet! 
[Aidan Ryuko] My fellow atomic bomb.
[Kiko-Chan] My twin...Copy catter! *points in accusation*
[kendo] much llove, Kera!
[ryuhitozuka] One of meh bestfriends, Fama! Or as she's very well known as, Grandpa Fujimiya!  Fear her! >:3

Mangas I own:
Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 1-13
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 1-8
DNAngel Vol. 1-7
X/1999 Vol. 1-2
Hikaru no Go Vol. 1-3
Onegai Teacher Vol. 1-2
Candidate for Goddess (Megami Kouhosei) Vol. 1, 3-5
Fruits Basket Vol. 1-4
Alice 19th Vol. 1
Gensoumaden Saiyuki Vol. 1-7


Current Favorite Song

Think of Me...
Think of me fondly.
When we've said goodbye...
Remember me...once in a while.
Please promise me you'll try...
And you find that once again
You long to take your heart back and be free..
If you'll ever find a moment,
Spare a thought for me...
We never said our love was evergreen or as unchanging as the sea.
But if you can still remember...
Stop and think of me...
Think of all the things we've share and seen.
Don't think about the way things might've been...
Think of me...
Think of me waking silent and resigned.
Imagine me...
Trying too hard to put you from my mind.
Recall those days.
The path with all those times...
Think of the things we'll never do.
There will never be a day when I won't think of you...

Can it be? Can it be Christine?
Long ago, it seems so long ago..
How young and innocent we were...
She may not remember me...
But I remember her..

Flowers fade...
The fruits of summer fade...
They have their seasons, so do we.
But please promise me that sometimes you will think of me...

+Perfect Guy?!+
My perfect guy
Hair Color:: Any
Eye Color:: Preferably the most beautiful blue eyes.
Height::Taller than me.
Six Pack::I don't care
Long or Short Hair:: Short
Glasses or Contacts:: Doesn't matter
Piercings:: None
Buff or Skinny:: Moderate
Funny or Serious:: Funny but can be serious
Party or Stay at home:: Stay at home
Should he know how to cook:: Yes!
Should he have a best friend:: Yes, and the bestfriend can't be a total ass
Should he have a lot of girl friends:: No
Outgoing or Shy:: Moderate
Sarcastic or Sincere:: Sincere
Should he watch chick flicks:: If he wants to.
Would he smoke:: If he would, he'd be stupid.
Would he drink::Special occasions - no drunk
Would he swear::Not frequently, on for angry reasons or humorous
Would he play with your hair:: Play? If you mean fiddle with it, yes.
One or more girls at a time: One, dammit.
Bad Boy or Good Boy:] Moderate
Would he kiss you on the first date:: No
Where would you go to dinner::A restaurant?
Would he bring you flowers:: Holidays
Would he lay under the stars with you:: Yep
Would he write poetry about you:: No, too obsessive
Would he call you hunny or baby:: Neither
Would he hang out with your friends:: Yesh
Would you hang out with his friends:: Yesh
Would he walk you to the door at the end of the date:: Yesh
Would he hold your hand:: Yesh
Would he play sports:: If he wants to
Would he sing:: Depends on the stuff he sings.
Would he play an instrument:: If he wants.
Would he keep his room clean:: Moderate
Would he paint, draw or sculpt:: Sure.
Would he write his own music:: If he likes writing music.
Would he use the word "dude":: Hell yeah
Would he use the word "tight'':: No.
Would he watch the sunrise or sunset with you:: Yesh.
What kind of vehicle would he drive:: ...A car?
How old would he be:: Within 2 years of age of mine.
Does your dream guy resemble your real boyfriend:: Resemble as in look like? Sorta? Is he more than half of the dreamy guy I want? Yes.

Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 6

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 40°54.996'N 81°25.998'W

Place of living: USA-Ohio

Town: Northeast

Known languages
EnglishJapaneseQuenya (Tolkien language)

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests


Other interests

Civil status: single

Body shape: thin

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