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Name: Amanda



Yep,an actual picture of me.... I'm on the right..... The very right.  ..... Surely you didnt think I was that Fur Seal, I'm not that hairy.


I'm a Sophomore at SFASU with an undecided major. I'm exploring Speech Language Pathology, Business and I'm thinking about Advertizing, and Media Arts. I'm the VP Judo Club and in NSLHA. I like mythology and creative writing. I'm not so fond of mythology anymore. The teacher is a bastard and makes it boring. One of my most favorite past times is sleeping!

I don't believe in ranting or trying to sum up life on a freaking website. Sometimes life rocks and sometimes it doesn't. Pretty simple.

I played Violin which I had nearly all my life I love music
I'm big into Traveling. I've been all over and many places, but I still feel like I haven't scratched the surface of what is out there. Places I've traveled: Australia, Europe (Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France), South America (Buenas Ares and Argentina) Antarctica, South Africa


I love photography. I've taken so many pictures and edited them to be all pretty. Sadly there isnt much money in the field, so I wont pursue it as a career. It will have to stay just a hobby.

<img:> This is my fish Kazuki
<img:> These are my boys. Buddy and Lil Guy.

I am also a Movie junkie- I'm taking a Cinema History class and a few of my favorite classic movies are King Kong(1933), Bride of Frankenstein and Ruggles of Red Gap(1935), The Philadelphia Story(1940). I'm in love with Disney's The Lion King I also love photography(not to mention editing them)!

Some of my favorite TV showes are Charmed, CSI: Miami & Las Vegas, NCIS,Jerico......... continued if u ask.

So thats me in a nutshell, or a ET House.
I'm a girl who likes to have fun and just chill.
I like to have messages, i'm just that bored lately.

Age: 20Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 23

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carscatschasing the preferred sex
scifislackingsoap operas

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