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elf_fu (Pink poetry)

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Name: Melissa


"Pride?" His smooth baritone idly questioned. In all of his gold glory, bedecked and dripping ruby he swept toward me as if the ground were backs of men for his bare blue feet. Spines to be crushed under the grace of his heels.

"Oh, yes, human. I have it. Vast amounts of it that stretch further than the width of your puny sun. Pride, my darling one--" he smirked, "--is the most delicious sin."

And then he reached into my breast and ate my heart.

I cannot say that I minded terribly.

Hello. Meet Zoxstet The Glorious.


Horam JakChar, GodSlayer. (Krynn Minotaur drawn represents a Free Form Role Playing character. © Me .)

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This means I'm one of the Master Poets, having had work featured seven times. I'm also one of the Saint Valentine Poets!

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Behold, a great

fat white lady

My name is Melissa. I'm a 30 year old slacker (read: spoiled rotten house wife, thank you.) I'm married to an insane man called Shawn, Overlord and Master of Late Nights at a telemarketing company.

I am owned by three hamsters, one dog, one cat, one cockatiel, and one canary. I love animals but don't consider PETA part of humanity due to their ridiculous campaign ideals and terror tactics.

I like to ruin what little art I do by coloring it in Corel painter 9 . :/ Someday when I grow up, I want to be a real artist!

My husband is a god damn Bryce, Vue Esprit/Infinite/Maya/Poser/Macromedia Flash wizard. Some times I consider eating his brains for his talent, alas, if I did then I wouldn't have anyone to wheedle any awesome things from.

I'm married, white, fat, geeky and female. OHMSHAKALAKA.

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How to Make me ♥ you.

*Don't use chat/1337/AOL speak when you type.
*Don't be too anal or elitist.
*Don't whizz on the electric fence.
*Don't spit into the wind.
*Don't hit on me.
*Don't send me a message asking my age, sex, relationship status.

How to Make me hate your face. >:-(

*Send me a message that consists solely of, "A/S/L?", or asking if I'm married/female when IT IS ALREADY ON THIS PAGE OMG NO COOKIES FOR J00.
*uze chat r 1337 spk srsly thnkn thts how any1 types. iz not full of r0x0rz.
*Steal my writing or art. My lawyer says it's illegal and would like to eat you for dinner.
*Be emo. HOPE IS EMO.

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Age: 32Year of birth: 1978Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 2

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 26°52.230'N 81°49.212'W

Place of living: USA-Florida

Town: Palm Bay

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Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

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Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

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Computer interests
action gamesartchat
emailgraphicsinformation seeking
Pythonstrategy gamesuse communities
videowebcamweb design

folk musicgrungeheavy metal
jazznew ageopera

Other interests
role playingsingingscifi
theatreThe Town Heraldwhisky

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: plump

Height: 168

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