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HiddenFire ( for your holiday gifts!)

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Name: Nathaniel Summers


This T-Shirt Design is mostly the idea of a friend of mine. Chad, you’re sick, but hey… so am I. I totally give you props on this one. At one point this was Chad’s myspace name. I was so amused by it that I just had to put it on a t-shirt. Note that the figure is both trashy and androgynous. Thusly, it can be enjoyed by any gender! I drew this while sitting in a starbucks coffee place (these things are everywhere! what’s up with that?). I got a nasty look from an old lady who just glanced at the image (without the text). I can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces as I go shopping with this shirt on. For more T-Shirts/Products and More, visit or


A direct stab (pun intended) at the Gothic subculture... or rather the vain little children who refuse to wear anything but black. I'm acutally selling prints, t-shirts and other products of this image on my website:
or my cafepress shop

Elftown Badges:
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This means I'm one of the Master Inspectors and one of the Daily Poets, having been featured on the Daily Poem, and I'm one of the Featured Wikigraphers.

Elftown titles and orders
BeggarStreet childAdventurer
Master of Inspection

<img:/stuff/ACeldar.jpg> I'm a donor to the Art Corner.


I finally got around to getting my own web space and updating my gallery. Anyone who's interested in my artwork in the least should check it out.

The website also includes my blogs, where I will rant about pretty much everything as well as post to a dream journal.

And Gifts For That Special Demented Someone!

I'm also selling products, Including the infamous "Sometimes... Puppies Just Die!", "Got Blood?", and "Syphilis Cures Cancer" T-shirts:

Besides my own personal gallery, I also have an
EW Gallery:
DA Gallery:

I also own and operate two other websites: which is about increasing the quality and quantity of comments on EW/DA galleries and which is about teaching people how to generate completely free and targeted website traffic.


Do not let my thin body and gorgeous hair fool you. Think not this beard a shadow! I may be amiss, but that doesn't mean I am a miss. @.@

My house is a safe zone.

If you are going to message me, do not just say “hi” just come out and say what it is you want to say. If you are looking for someone interesting to chat with try starting up a conversation on a wiki or in the forums, I am not very keen on the idea of chatting through messages with people I do not know. That said, do not be afraid to ask me anything. I am open and honest and I can talk about anything and everything and am generally incapable of being offended. ^_^

Well, I need to clean this thing up a bit it is rather cluttered. I’ll start by listing the several wiki-pages I set up to handle some of the clutter:
HiddenFires Wikis is an index of all the public wiki-pages I have created. Some are more popular than others but they are still mine. ^_^

HiddenFire Rants OFTEN! I am a rambler by nature… a byproduct of my eccentric nature. O.0

HiddenFire Quotes is a collection of all the wonderful little sayings that I've come up with durring the course of my short life.

HiddenFire Dreams almost every night… but they’re hard to remember… and hard to remember to record. I would do better if I could remember I had this silly little wiki. @.@

HiddenFire Nightmares and loves it! I am an oddity, comparing the fear in a nightmare to the fear of a rollercoaster. ^_^

HF Gay Marriage. It's about my opinions towards gay marriage and the government's attempts to ban it.

HiddenFire is Weird. Although that should be obvious I'll be adding more and more to it as I remember things. I'll also get around to adding anecdotes to it as well. ^_^

HiddenFire Grievances is where I go to complain about just about everything. It will be continually growing so feel free to watch it and comment on stuff. There are quite a bit of things in this world that get on my nerves, so there is not shortage of material to complain about. ^_^

Offended by anything I have to say? I wrote a reasonably long essay about the topic. People are too sensitive now-a-days. They think it's socialy acceptable to lash out at people because of their own sensitivity.

I have an unnatural obsession with number patterns and sequences. If you can figure out the following sequence then I will give you a simulated cookie! Please consider the entire sequence and no there is not hidden message.
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 7, 1, 8, 9, 17, 26, 16, 15, 4, 19, 23, 15, 11, 26, 10, 9, 19, 1, 20, 21, 14, 8, 22, 3, 25, 1, 26, 27, 26, 26, 25, 24, 22, 19, 14, 6, 20, 26, 19, 18, 10, 1, 11, 12, 23, 8, 4, 12, 16, 1, 17, 18, 8, 26, 7, 6, 13, 19, 5, 24, 2, 26, 1, 27 and from there it starts over again.
I am considering making a special listing for people who figure it out. If you are looking for more of a challenge, check out DCFL27.

Into my art I pour my soul, so for a glimpse into my soul check out my art at:
And check out my gallery that I coded all by myself at:

I'm also the owner and webmaster of the Comment Exchange:
Members of the CE promise that the first time you comment on their artwork (EW/DA... for now), they will comment on yours. A simple concept, with amazing results.

I am for the most part, insane. I consider myself a very humble and very intelligent person, in that order. I am quick of wit with a twisted humor. I have dark raven colored curly hair (black), and rich honey colored eyes (brown). I am rather tall, standing at a little over 6 feet tall, but I am also rather thin, at only 120 lbs. Not only is my mind flexible but I am physically flexible as well. It may be said that to lick ones elbow is impossible but I assure you it is not, for me anyway. Elbow Lickers is proof of that. I have several other contortionist-type tricks but I wouldn’t want to get you too excited this early in my description. ;)

I am a mischievous little imp. So word yourself well. I play word games 24/7. When speaking to me, make sure to word yourself well and leave no room open for interpretation lest you risk my interpreting it my way. ^_^

Beyond my mischief I am a laid back Pisces. Like the water sign that I am a tend to go with the flow and rarely worry about anything. In the end, all rivers lead to the ocean so it’s not like I’ll be surprised when I get there. I somehow manage to be empathic and socially retarded at the same time; making me the closest thing to a girl’s gay best friend that a straight guy can get. Basically I am the one they all say they want but what they say they want and what they really want are two different things.

I am a member of SEVERAL wiki-groups I’ll see if I can list the majority of them.
HiddenFires Wikis shows the wiki-pages I created and of course I am a member of all that allow membership. :P

Hopeless Romantics: I have allways been a hopeless romantic.

Crazy Goths: I am only really gothic on the inside. I am not vain enough to care about my outword appearance so much as to even have "outfits" let alone the entire goth getup.

Pyromaniacs United: Because fire is awesome. It is the embodyment of spirit and emotion. Any emotion can be described by a type of flame.

Perverted People United: Because my parents polluted my brain. I do not consider myself perverted but society seems to think I am. @.@

Random Society: Because I'm an imp.

Anthro Lovers: I've got a soft spot for anthros. Wanna' see it? Too bad! I'm not showing you! :P

Playgans: Because I don't like fake anythings and I agree with just about everything this wiki stands for.

Elfwood Elftowners: Simply because I am a member of Elfwood. ^_^

Support Gay Marriage: Because it's only logical. There is no reason I have yet to come across that does any good arguing against it.

SPADNAA Society for the Prevention of Abuse and Discrimination against Nude Art or Artists: I have allways been pro-artistic expression, and if that includes nudity then so be it. I won't go into this too deeply because I WILL start ranting.

Common Sense Because Common sense doesn't seem so common anymore.

There are probably a few that I have forgotten about… my memory is horrible. O.0

I am capable of seeing the beauty in all things. Oddly, only recently have I begun to see myself as an attractive creature. It sure did take me long enough. It took a while for the braces to come off and the pimples to go away before that ugly duckling could become the embodiment of sexual magnetism. And yes, I am delusional, it’s more fun that way. :P

Now what are the weaknesses of such a superheroesque person? In no particular order they are mostly: green eyes, the color black, feet, catgirls, fishnet, and chocolate. Oh and kryptonite.

Oh and,

Age: 28Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 20

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 33°25.998'N 112°0.996'W

Place of living: USA-Texas

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

ICQ number: 343461794

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartemail
strategy gamesweb designWindows

gothgrungeheavy metal
jazznew ageprogressive metal

Other interests

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 188

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