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street (whats the point in life)

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This is me

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Hello people, I am Glenn and I am the type of person that is always up for a good time. I enjoy going to partys but i dont like to drink. I have put a description about myself beneath so u can get a rough background about who I am.

001: Name:Glenn
002: Nickname:Gwenbill
003: Country of living:UK
004: Birthdate: 30/12/1988
005: Length: 5'11''
006: Eye color: brown
007: Shoesize: 12
008: School/work: College
009: You smoke: nope
010: Hobby's: chatting, sleeping, eating, playing basketball, hanging with friends
011: Brothers/Sisters: 1 brother
012: Relationship: with a partner
013: Piercing(s): ear
014: Tattoo: nope
015: Fave Country to go to:USA
016: Are there people you wont reply to?: no one yet
017: Nicest person(s) you met this year: Lee, keith and my mate joe and natalie and my m8 sally.
018: Person you rather not have met this year:dunno
019: Who would you like to meet:system of a down, will smith,
020: Who do you admire most: will smith
021: Most sexy person(s): thinking......
022: Favorite Pyama: yoghurts
023: Favorite Car:porsch and aldi TT
024: Favorite Movie(s):matrix and bad boys
025: Favorite music: rock and pop
026: Favorite City(s): New york
027: Favorite Plush:patches
029: Favoriete Magazine: loaded
030: Favorite sound: hmmm? i have a lot
031: Favorite TV-series:jackass,the osbournes,friends,two and a half men lost and the OC
032: Favorite Writer: dont have one
033: Favorite Nickname: weirdo,gwenbill and Gwen.
034: Where would you love to live: USA
035: Whats your favorite book : harry potteer.
036: Favorite color:blue
037: Favorite Song ever: Goodbye my lover
038: Favorite song at this moment: you are beautiful
039: Favorite food: pizza and chips
040: Favorite class(s) in school: English and maths
041: Favorite drink: dr. pepper
042: Lucky number:dont have one
043: What do you think is greatest about yourself: that im a weirdo, and that im kind and generouse.
044: What deodorant do you use: lynx
045: Favorite shoes: adidas
046: What time do you go to bed on weekdays: 12
047: What word(s) do you use most: why and No
048: Most romantic moment in your life:meeting my girlfreind Natalie
049: Most embarassing moment in your life:Falling offa chair in front of everyone and throwing up in front of my m8s and girlfreind.
050: You spend your time rather inside or outside: both
051: What do you do on the weekends: chat , eat ,and listen to music, and hang out with friends
052: What class in school do you dislike most: History
053: Your Breakfast:kornflakes
054: What do you really really dislike to eat: garlic
055: Pets: 1 hampster
056: Laugh or dream:laugh
057: Serious or funny:funny
058: Fast or slow: both-depends wot ur on about
059: You prefer being alone or have relation: relation
060: Simple or complicated?: complicated
061: Cremated or Buried when dead: Buried
062: Sex or alcohol: both
063: Stay up late or go to bed early: stay up late
064: Light or dark?: dark
065: Speak or Silence:both
066: Tall or small girl:small
067: News paper: The sun
068: Hug or kiss: hugs
069: Happy or Sad: happy
070: Life or Death:life
071: Gig or Disco: definitly disco lol
072: Left or Right: both
073: Sausages on top, or on the side:on the side
074: Dark/ red/ Blonde: dark, and blond
075: What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question?: why cant we understand women and what is the meaning of life
076: You believe in reincarnation: no
077: You believe in Aliens:yes
078: When you die, what will be your last words?: cya all later and i love u all
079: Does true love exist: yes it does
080: How many kids would you like to have: 1 or 2
081: What is the one thing you can't stand:people winding me up
082: Best feeling: finally gettin the girl u have always wanted and bein with her
083: Worst feeling in the world:being cheated on
084: What are you afraid of: dogs, hights and dieing
085: Are you an emotional person:yes very
086: Do you ever cry during a movie: sometimes
087: Your goal in life: to get married start a family and have a decent job
088: What was the promise you made to yourself at new years eve: didnt make one that way you cant break it.
089: Favorite art-artist: none.
090: As what animal(s) would you like to reincarnate: stegasauros
091: What is the most beautiful part on the woman body?: the eyes and stomach and there hair n bum and there.......
092: Most original place to ask you're love to marry you?: in a restroant
093:What do you think of Elftown: its ok
094: Is there something you miss about elftown:no
095: Where did you get this question list:made it up
096: Besides elftown, what do you do most on your PC: dunno......
097: Is there a question you missed in this all: nope-cant think of anymore.

Favioute Songs
1) Alice Deejay (Better Off Alone)
2) Ultra Beat (Pretty Green Eyes)
3) E-Rotic (Do It All Night)
4) R kelly (happy people)
5) Usher (Yeah)
6) System of a down (B.Y.O.B)
7) Queen ( boheameum rapcity)
8) Usher (Burn)
9) Greenday (Wake me up when september ends)
10) Greenday (American idiot)
11) phatom planet ( Calofornia)
12) Evenesence: (My Immortal)
13) Queen (Championes)
14) James blunt (your beautiful)
15) Goodcharlotte ( the cronicals of life and death)
16) The Streets: (Dry Your Eyes Mat)e
17) Maroon 5: (She Will Be Loved)
18) Outkast: (I Like The Way You Move)
19) Maroon 5: (This love)
20) James blunt: (Goodbye my lover)
21) Coldplay: (Speed Of Sound)
22) Coldplay: (Clocks)
23) Coldplay: (The Scientist)
24) Goodcharlotte: (My sweet valontine)
25) Greenday: (Boulevard Of Broken) Dreams
26) Greenday: (Holiday)
27) R Kelly: (I believe i can fly)
28) Blackeyed peas (dont Phunk with my heart)
29) Akon: (Lonely)
30) Fightstar: (Go and paint your target)
31) Daniel Powter (bad day)
32) Fall out boy

The most stupidest thing I have done and regretted:

Well.. The most stupidest thing I has done is drive a car at 100MPH down a narrow road and swerve an oncomming car ahead and crash into a ditch and I swore that I would never do that again.

What I Hate
I hate people that do the following things infront of me
001: Act Big And Hard When Infact They Aint
002: Say They Will Do Something And They Don't End Up Doing It
003: Letting Them Or Other People Deliberatly
004: Liers ( Constant Liers )
005: Users ( People Using Other People )
006: being egnored

When I say that I will chat up babes, it is just a saying, I don't mean it. I is single and I am looking for the right girl and i know that I would never dream of chatting up loads of girls just for the fun of it, I aint that type of person so please don't get the wrong impression about me. If I say that I likes you, believe me I mean it, I would not say it for no reason.



Age: 19Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 30

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 52°46.182'N 1°42.534'W

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: Hinckley

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

no musicadult popgoth
hip hopjazzpop

Other interests
animalsbeerboard games
bookscard gamescars
chasing the preferred sexcookingdisco
travellingwatching sportwriting

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

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