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NorthStorm (Fate chose who you are. You choose what you do.)

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Some are the tree... I AM The Lightning.

Drawing missing.

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AdventurerTravelling bard

"Might Is Right. Nature is Harsh and Cruel, as much as it is ever Sweet and Nourishing".

I Live and Die by The Nine Noble Virtues:

1. Courage
2. Truth
3. Honour
4. Fidelity
5. Discipline
6. Hospitality
7. Self Reliance
8. Industriousness
9. Perseverance

Asatru Folk Assembly:

1. Strength is Better than weakness
2. Courage is Better than cowardice
3. Joy is Better than guilt
4. Honour is Better than dishonour
5. Freedom is Better than slavery
6. Kinship is Better than alienation
7. Realism is Better than dogmatism
8. Vigor is Better than lifelessness
9. Ancestry is Better than universalism

The Nine Charges:

1. To maintain Candour and Fidelity in Love and Devotion to The Tried Friend:
  though he strike Me, I will do him no scathe.(Notwithstanding Betrayal)
2. Never to make wrongsome Oath: for great and grim is the reward for the  
  breaking of plighted Troth.
3. To deal not hardly with the humble and the lowly.
4. To Remember The Respect that is due to great age.
5. To suffer No evil to go unremedied and to Fight against enemies of Faith 
  (Anyone who would take away religious Freedom), Folk and Family: My foes
  I will Fight in the field, nor will I stay to be burnt in My house.
6. To succour the friendless but to put No faith in the pledged word of a
  stranger people.  
7. If I hear the fool's word of a drunken man I will strive not: for many a
  grief and the very death groweth from out such things.
8. To give kind heed to dead people: straw dead, sea dead or Sword dead.
9. To abide by the enactments of lawful (And Just) authority and to bear
  with Courage the decrees of THE NORNS.

The Six-Fold Goal: Right, Wisdom, Might, Harvest, Frith and Love.

The Reward(a haiku)

Bitter tortured soul,
Ever alone Hero stands,
Such is His reward...

Written by [NorthStorm]

Becoming The Beast

To know the torment of My soul is that which you should never know,
The Darkened depths within My Heart is somewhere you should never go;

Consuming Flames of Unquenchable Passion, like Blood courses through My veins,
Like stinging venom tipped Thorns and briars, My consciouness ever My Pain;

Yet Do Not Pity Me My friends, your sympathy I*ll Not recieve,
Compassion upon Me is wasted, for this My grief does Not relieve;

I pay the price for My own crimes, bitter fruit of My misdeeds,
Though ever good were My intentions, Foolish youth, the heart misleads;

All too often was I warned, countless more admonished well,
True they say: Our Best intentions ever pave the road to hell;

Love I gave the Undeserving, who gave betrayal for their part,
Ever present are the memories, like rusty nails which pierce This Heart;

Tears within won't flow without, for Cold as Ice I now become,
Hard as Steel and Stronger still, with childhood NightMares Am I One;

Hatred is the vinegar which rains grant Me to tease My thirst,
Love like Water in a desert, one must find oasis first;

Beauty flies around before Me, like a mirage just out of reach,
For I pursue and overtake it, then cruelest lesson does it teach;

War is Ever in My Blood, I drew first Blood at age of three,
Perhaps this is why Love denies Me, that Hardened Warrior I may Be...

Written by [NorthStorm]

I Enjoy making friends; but only intelligent ones who Respect Me.

I Enjoy Life, and therefore I Live it to the fullest.

I Have A Passion for Everything I Do of My own choice.

Adventure is Like Clean cool Fresh Night Air to Me. Without it, I would not feel alive.

No one owns anyone. Even slaves choose their bondage over death.

Do not try to force your beliefs or views on Me. I am Not interested.


At war am I from My conception, assulted from every direction,
The onslaught comes not from foreign foe, but Neighbors whom I Love and Know;

Feared am I, though I know Not why, I*m just a not so average Guy,
Abandoned by those I saw as friends, to whom Naught I did to offend;

Can you see within My soul, The Mysteries of My heart to know,
If it were so, then You would know: there's no reason for You to go;

I wished You nothing but the best, I toiled and Bled that You might rest,
I fought and starved that you may see the peace we have in this country;

The sacrifices I have made, you can never understand,
And though You reap the benefits, I present you, No demand;

I insist Not on recognition, nor just reward do I petition,
Not as Your friends all celebrate the Liberty which I create;

I did not do it all alone, but declare with The Strongest Pride,
Noblest of Men who left their home, My Brothers there were at My side;

Some of Us did not return, but boldly gave their Lives,
While illbred cowards of no repute, were sleeping with their wives;

I walk among society, in sickness from that which I see,
Relentless in stupidity, the massess who ever surround Me;

Now parents buy expensive cars, which elegant daughters drive to bars,
Within are Men of courageous Heart, in honour have they done their part;

There also are the cowardly sons, who from the sound of battle run,
Their skin is not scorched by the sun, their minds unscarred by deeds they've done,
For while The Warriors do the Deeds, these boys tend their own wants and needs;

I watch as Ladies young and fair gather in drunken stupor there,
I see as young boys without merit are now invited there to share it;

I look on now appauled and stunned, as Heroes are by ladies Shunned,
The Finest Men within the tavern avoided as a murky cavern;

Rather then, the beauties fair chose from the cheapest of the stock,
Regret their empty hearts shall bear, For Diamonds hide within the Rock;

I run along the swarms of traffic, future battles I see ahead,
I train while others talk of rest, I*ll have plenty of that when dead;

I study life and find sollutions, I undermind the institutions,
I have a Vision to make Us free, but All must fight to make it Be;

Adventure is My Paradise, this Always is My Own Device,
Through hell and battle I Am My Own, oft in the end I walk Alone;

I Dream at times of A Kindred soul, with Whom The Journey Long to share,
A thousand times I have awoke, to find that none but Me are there...


"Listen My Son. Trust No One! You can count on no one but yourself. Improve your skills. Harden Your Body. Become a Number One Man. DO NOT EVER LET ANYONE beat YOU!"

~Terry Tsurugis' Father~

WAR is My True Lover. All My Passion is FATED Not for Love and Joy; but for Battle and Pain. I Am War. I Am Violence, Death, Hate, Fury and Destruction.
I Am A Son of ODINR! This is All I shall ever need to be...

Inside, I Am Hard and Cold. You cannot change this.

This is Me. If you don't like it: Don't speak, message, or otherwise communicate with Me.

If I Am too Liberal for you: go enjoy your inhibitions. I*ll enjoy My Liberty.

If I seem biased concerning something; this does not mean that I am ignorant. If I Am Biased, it is because I educated Myself and choose to be biased.

Live Life. Be Strong, Be Intelligent, Be Free; And Most importantly...

Sincerely, Your True Lord and Master: North Storm.

P.s. I have a stalker. The poor dear is obssessed. Hence, I have no pics posted.
If I Like you, I may send you pics via email, or something.

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