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only_me3 (getting tired... but I don't want to go to bed...)

Member #186962 created: 2009-01-05 17:08:33Simple URL:   

Name: Stephanie

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This is a picture of me and my boyfriend.. feel free to click on it.. I don't mind.. It is a picture off my myspace.. I didn't know how to put them up on this web site but I guess it will work... The picture under this writing is just one of me...

Hey... My name is Stephanie. I am 18 years old... I have an amazing boy friend.. his name is Jason Spence... I lived in Illinios my whole life untill January 07.. I got sent to a private boarding school called Midwest Academy... It was horrible but I learned alot and graduated high school... I made alot of amazing friends and had some amazing teachers... From there I lived with my parents in Illinois for about three days when I realized that home wasn't the place for me.. I moved to West Virginia where all my family lives... I then met up with an old childhood friend... Jason and we ended up falling in love.. I am a retired rebell.. I was extremely bad in high school... now I am calm and follow alot more rules... I like to dance, watch movies, be around kids, draw, do make up and hair, get my nails and toes done, i love spending time with my friends and expecially my boy friend... I am completly in love with my family... I love them all.. I have long blond hair and blue eyes... I put on some weight at boarding school but every one tells me I look better now... I love talking to people and helping them with their problems... I am easy to get a long with... Moms love me and dads want me to be their kid... Me and my mom get a long great.. we talk almost every day... my sisters are really good kids.. they are 11 and 13... the 11 year old is almost 12.. they both went the complete opposite way then me in school... lets just say they learned from my mistakes.. I have two puppys... a beagle mix whos name is pebbles... I love her.. she is my favorite.. and the other dogs name is butter scotch... she is pitbull and lab mix.. she is a brat... I have one tattoo.. Its two hearts with a banner... Nothing in it yet.. I am getting alot more when I get the time and the money.. I love tattoos.... well any thing else you want to know message me and I will let you know.. ask me any thing.. I wont lie or be offended... Peace out!

Age: 18Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 19

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human

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Place of living: USA-West Virginia

Town: Glen White

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

hip hopjazzpop

Other interests
artcard gamescooking

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 173

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