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TheSwedishBot (Its official, I come from a broken home!)

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Name: Brad Gagliano


Blonde Hair Dye: $9.00
Styling Gel: $2.00
Rainbow Shirt: $3.00 ( I love goodwill)
Being the Bad Boy of Sesame Street: Priceless!

Drawing missing.

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Well that was anti-climatic...

Anyway, Im a comic book loving, video game playing, metal listening nerd.Im a jeweler at a pawnshop, so that at least gets me the occasional excitment wither it be an awesome ring I spent nine hours custom making, or the crackhead that doesnt understand basic math and is arguing basic with me over basic math.

Additional hobbies include burning bridges(apparently Im incredibly good at it) and working non-stop so I dont focus on how bored out of my skull I am.


Tired of this mundane selection of choices

Tired of the usual logical voices

Its late, driving home from somewhere i didnt want to be

Always heading to another lifeless location

My thoughts turn to you as they always go about now

Again same thoughts run through my head, relentless in their psyche assault

From midnight to daylight I cant break the strain

Why wont they just stifle dowm, is this truly the rantings of the mad

A break from the usual pace, I accelerate, speeds usually not traveled right here

Why wont you at least talk to me, the one thing thats silences them is you

The voices began their barrage of the usual rational filth

More fuel now, get home and fall into a satate of less confusion

A voice in the back cries out, so faint of the roar of the crowd and the strain of my car

Trying to listen to him, a childs voice so sweet and pure

Again i accelerate, blind to the real world, ignorant to the danger

I can hear him now, His battle cry brings joy to my mind

Fuck whats real and whos not, fuck those that lash out and those that quietly bleed

Sick of their lies and verbal hate, to hell with everyone, just burn it out

His cries ring out so true and the demons are silenced

for a split second I truly understand, for a fraction of time I see what he means

No emotion left now, replaced now by the flare I sense within, consuming me

After that second my energy no longer there, lost control at this reckless pace. car wrapped around a tree.

Without my mask, outside the flames

the cold I feel, filled so with pain

My rage, my hate, fueling my soul

Still I can't seem to gain control

I've lost all hope for regaining you

My only option is painful too

My wounds from your dagger freezing my skin

I've got to get a hold on, keep safe whats still within

My mask lies cast aside, removed with the hope of something I held;hold so dear

Now I'm filled with anguish, hatred, can't stop trembling from the fear.

My only salvation is to return to the fire, to attempt to regain my sanity

I grasp for only protection, my mask, now damaged and stained with tears and blood.

I cover my face, to hide my true

vunerable self,to protect me from you.

I return to the flames, alone and battered, my psyche damaged, shattered.

The flames wrap around me, the embrace my only lover.

The pain still there, always returning, so farther I crawl, still burning.

I no longer hear them calling, those I once held dear

The cackling of the flames, so soothing, still I lose tears.

My consciousness returns, strengthened by the now raging inferno

Now I sit watching from afar, too scared to leave my only comfort, my only desire.

Forever burning, with my mask, till I finally succumb to an inevitable fate

My feelings for you still there, burning just as bright as the flames of my hate.


Frustration lack of justification social defication everything you said was just verbal masterbation.

I hope you enjoyed your little ruse, hope you were amused, because its my turn now, so prepare for the abuse.

Ive stapled my mask in place, never again will I be disgraced I've learned the harness the flames, which i will use to burn you to ashes, dust without a trace.

Now that I am prepared with my weapon of choice, I will scream till you can hear the blood in my voice.Never again will I try to understand your lies, never again will I let you interrupt my right to die.

So I hoped you enjoyed watching my squirm, like I was your little pathetic pet worm.Because now I know your true form, and it sickens me that I was stupid enough to let my guard down, let you past my frown.

Well good news you vile spirit, Ive embraced my hatred, so now begone, I need nothing except the flames of my own hell, more loving to me than your callous words, anything you could tell.

Let the fires burn, let the heart yearn, because now the mind is strong, and I will never be wrong, damnation awaits me I have no doubt, but I accept my fate, my hate, you however will learn it too late.


Swedish Bot's Work

Age: 22

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Dwarf
Elftownworldmap 30°30.000'N 90°28.800'W

Place of living: USA-Louisiana

Town: Hammond

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesinformation seekingmusic
strategy gamesvideo

gothheavy metalopera
progressive metalrock

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexdocu-soapseating
historypoetryrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 163

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