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-shattered (just one more mistake with different names)

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Name: Kayla


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i love fantasy. i, of course, attend a really small high school in the complete and total middle of nowhere. i like to write stories. usually fantasy with a bit of a modern twist. i love wwe, which many consider to be fantasy if that counts for anything. i constantly have a new obsession. song lyrics and cheesey quotes are my life. i'm a lover and a fighter. i'm nothing like anyone you have ever met before.

i've been defeated and brought down.
dropped to my knees when hope ran out.
the time has come to change my ways.
on this day i see clearly everything has come to life.
a bitter place and a broken dream.
and we'll leave it all, leave it all behind.
i'll never long for what might have been.
regret won't waste my life again.
i won't look back.
i'll fight to remain.

Who are your favorite wrestlers?: jeff hardy, christian, rey mysterio, evan bourne, randy orton, batista, triple h, hbk, chris jericho, edge... 
Who are your least favorite wrestlers?: jbl, mike knox, shelton benjamen, vladimir kozlov... 
Who are your favorite divas?: beth phoenix, layla, maryse, melina, natalya...
Who are your least favorite divas?: candice michelle, maria, mickie james, kelly kelly... 
What is your favorite show?: RAW.
If you were GM of Smackdown, who would you make champ?: jeff hardy, duh.
If you were GM of RAW, who would you make champ?: randy orton. 
Favorite tag teams?: priceless, carlito and primo, and mizorrison.
Least favorite tag teams?: curt hawkins and zack ryder. 
Favorite PPV?: wrestlemania. 
Favorite entrance music?: d-generation x. 
If you could fire one person, who would it be?: vladimir kozlov. 
What's your weapon of choice?: ladder. 
Your biggest rivalry?: i hate candice michelle. 
Who'd be your tag team partner?: beth phoenix. "the glamazon." 
Who'd be your manager?: hopefully jeff hardy. :] 
Would you be a good guy or bad guy?: somewhere in the middle. 
Describe your finisher: something high flying, like my own take on a swanton bomb. 
What have you called this finisher?: ohhhhhh, not sure. 
What's your specialty match type?: TLC. 
Which title would you go after first?: women's champion. 
What would be your entrance music?: lollipop by framing hanley. that can get you pumped up. :] 
How would you retire?: i'd go out with a bang by making it sudden and shocking. 
Would you ever make a comeback after you "retire"?: depends on if i was bored.

Age: 17Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 25

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human

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Computer interests
use communitiesweb design

grungenew ageprogressive metal

Other interests
travellingwatching sportwriting

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 160

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