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Sinful Valentine666 (Sevendust Kicks ASS)

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Name: Gemini but you can call me Sin


new pic of me

Drawing missing.

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I am a little on the short side but I do not care. I am a triplet there is my sister Selene, my brother Mika, and then there is me.

well i have been into fantasy since i was a little kid and it has helped me with creating some pretty awesome art works

i have been interested in fantasy since i was little and i love to play sports like football, soccer, baseball,and i really love boxing

The Fight

There are questions arising in her head
About everything he has said
Back and forth, where to go
Turn left or right she doesn't know.

The start of world war three
not knowing what it is she see's
She wonders if he is really true,
If shes really falling in love with him.

Now they're struggling fist fight,
It happens almost every night
they scream and yell,
tell each other to go to hell.

then they begin to push and shove,
and she thought they were in love,
Then our friends pull us apart,
They ask us how did it start.

She leaves with me to go for a ride,
We talk about what went on,
What was the first thing that went wrong.

She says she hates him,
She refuses to be his girlfriend,
It's over, I'll put it to an end,

Then I tell her that would be a mistake,
Think about all the pain it would make,
Everything we have come out of sight,

Your friendship together was just right,
You two fight here and there,
But in your heart you really care.

She tells me she knows
But sometimes we fall in low,
Then I says lets go back,
It'll be back to normal just like that,
He will cry and say he loves you,
And you will tell him that you love him too.

By Sin Valentine


What is it that you think of when a creature of the night bites you? What is it that the night creature thinks of when they bite you? What do we the creatures of the night think of during the day or are we really sleeping at all. Who knows the answers to these questions, I do not know , but I do know what I am thinking during the day do you.

What is it that a creature of the night see's when we look inside a persons soul, do we see good or do we see pure evil. Some call us crazy, some say we are fake but when the new world order has come who is it that will be left standing. Who are the mere mortals that have said we are not supposed to exist, who is to say that they are not supposed to exist and we are.

I am the creature that walks in the dark. I am the thing that you fear most, cuz I am in your dreams. I know your deepest darkest FEARS. I also know your best kept SECRETS. You can't hide from me for I am you. I am the very BLOOD within your being, for I am you in every way, I am the part of you that has never seen the light of day, always in the night forever I will dwell in this dark and burning HELL.

Why do I feel so trapped in this lonely and burning HELL of mine, for I am the creature that haunts your dreams. I know what you are most afraid of and it is me for I am the creature of the DARK. BLACK as night and even deadlier than POISON.

Why am I the Heir to the LYCAN throne, why not my sister. Why me I used to say. Do you see me as the pure LYCAN princess that I am or do you see me as the bastard HALF-BREED that you think I am, or is it yourself that you really see when you look me in the eye.

Seeing one so young and carefree
Alone but not lonely.
I am the Chosen One I am me,
Flying high, flying free.
The true one I see but is it really you,
Being true in the end is hard,
But I did it can you.
Flying high, Flying free.

Be one in a million,
Stand out in a crowd.
Be who you chose,
For I am the chosen one.

Be who you want.
Chose who you are,
Know what you want,
Be there for yourself in the end.

Work hard.
Know that you are you.
Be your own.

By Sin Valentine

So Alone

Young and innocent crying alone on the floor
sometimes wishing that we were something more,
Wishing that we could be us, flying free and true.
Wondering if it really was you,
So scared and all alone only really wanting to go home.
Could it be that we were really home all along,
or were we just alone all along.
Why can't we be free flying with our brothers,
wondering why we were like no others.
When others had a family we were left all alone,
with no one to hold so scared and alone, wishing on wishes
that someone would hold us.
Can you see that I wasn't the only lonely one, so scared were we, just little babies all we wanted was family of our own.
our deepest fears were realized when we were taken away from the only family that we had ever known then really realizing that we were truly alone in the world.
Why do we feel so alone, why us we say, is there another way. We never thought that we were good enough, we never thought that life could be different. Sometimes we wished we were more than alone.
Did you really love us, did you really even care.
You cared enough to make us but you were never there. You said that you loved them, but what about me I was thinking will you ever love me like you love them. So alone you never cared, so alone I was always scared. I was just a baby when you gave me up did you ever want me, I know that you wanted them. So scared and all alone all I ever wanted was a mother just like my sister and brother. Why did you go why did you leave were you mad or were you just scared, it was then that I knew you would never care, and I then knew that you would never be there. This life I made it my own and I know that you can not bring me down for I am stronger than you will ever know. I am something that you can never be. There are things that you will never understand about me, there are things that you will never know, there are also things that I will never show you or talk to you about.

By Sin Valentine


Skinny legs, bigger breasts
Is that all they want to see
tiny waists and thinner arms
the opposite of me.

The preassure to be perfect,
Is slowly closing in.
An utter suffocation,
That doesn't seem to end.

Society is telling me,
Beautiful is thin.
And if I choose to starve myself,
Perfections what I'll win.

Shoving something down my throat,
Will get me what I want.
Bring me closer to that goal,
Of a body I can flaunt.

Society is telling us,
Beauty is a prize.
Measured in the size of your breasts,
In weight and clothing size.

But let me tell you here and now,
No good will come from that.
It seems okay at first,
But soon becomes a trap.

A disease that clouds the mind,
And bleives what is untrue.
Believes your never good enough,
No matter what the hell you do.

There is one beauty that I know,
It is the greatest prize of all.
It is learning to accept yourself,
Imperfections, flaws, and all.

The beauty that really matters,
Lies in our heart, our soul, our core.
Because when you love whats,
inside you'll love whats outside even more.

By Sin Valentine

Year of birth: 1989

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 41°6.906'N 105°21.312'W

Place of living: USA-Colorado

Town: Denver

Known languages
Sign LanguageBulgarianEnglish

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
emailgraphicsinformation seeking
programmingstrategy games

adult popalternativeblues
heavy metalhip hoppop
progressive metalpunkrap

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexchesscooking
crime storiesdancingdogs
plantspoetryrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: fit

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