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KATIEFAACE_XD (the earth turns the sun burns, but i die without u)

Member #185322 created: 2008-04-01 22:50:30Simple URL:   

Name: Katie M.

My tattoo :)

Out Where Stones Lie Like Bones By the Ocean.

Elftown titles and orders
BeggarStreet childTravelling bard

I am what you think that i am

I am a disease

But i can be your cure

I hate myself for who I've become

Shallow conceited and alone
sick depraved child of the generation of broken homes
I would love to be your lover...

you just have to let me close

Let me wake next to you sticky with sweat...

Clinging to your heat

Like shadows cling to nightmares
She once said my soul was screaming
but my painted face revealed no sound


i'm Katie. im a unique being who likes painting in the middle of the night, looking at the stars, hiccuping, driving around blasting music, giraffes with blue tongues, getting my head rubbed, cherry flavored lollipops, old movies with kettle popcorn, twirling in the rain, sneaking out, wal-mart at 3am, banana flavored laffy taffy, listening to thunder, my breath when its cold, comfy blankets and a warm bed, long nights and even longer kisses. im madly in love with my friends and would do anything for them. im usually a very happy person but i do have my days. i want to love everything in life and trust everyone but life doesnt always work that way. i try to smile a lot and hope that everything will work out. what else can i do?
i prefer things strange :)

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=we all live in a pretend world were the government controls us-the people loathe us-and our family hates us=

i have a zero tolerance for haters-

WARNING:i am random
*i like to draw in coloring books. and put marker on my


[Don't EVER leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one they love. Tonight your true love will realize how much they love you between 1 & 4 in the morning, and tomorrow the shock of your life will occur. If you break the chain then you will have bad luck, so copy and paste within 1 min.] me: yeah okay!

i feel like making a noise... MEEP!

Age: 19Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 26

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 42°5.178'N 71°29.238'W

Place of living: USA-Massachusetts

Town: Plymouth

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Favorite URL:

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartBasic

adult popalternativeclassical
gothgrungeheavy metal
hip hopnew ageopera
popprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexcookingdancing
partypoetryrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: unknown

Body shape: normal

Height: 168

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